Basic Engineering Drawing - Civil Draughtsman MCQs - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Basic Engineering Drawing - Civil Draughtsman MCQs - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which BIS code no is recommended for folding of drawing sheets?
    (A) IS 11664 - 1989
    (B) IS 11664 - 1987
    (C) IS 11664 - 1986
    (D) IS 11664 - 1981

2. What is the description of ‘G1’ in centre line?
    (A) Chain thin
    (B) Dashed thin
    (C) Dashed thick
    (D) Continuous thick

3. What is the description of E1 hidden outlines?
    (A) Dashed thin
    (B) Chain thin
    (C) Dashed thick
    (D) Chain thick

4. What is the R.F, if an actual length of distance 5 m represented by 25 mm length?
    (A) 1:2000
    (B) 1:200
    (C) 1:20
    (D) 1:2

5. Which lime is used for construction of masonry?
    (A) Class D
    (B) Class C
    (C) Class B
    (D) Class A

6. Which rock has a main content of silica?
    (A) Red rock
    (B) Siliceous rock
    (C) Calcareous rock
    (D) Foliated rock

7. What is the name of the scale that is denoted by 5:1?
    (A) Full scale
    (B) Plain scale
    (C) Reduced scale
    (D) Enlarged scale

8. What is the process in manufacturing of bricks if the clay is made lose and any ingredient to be added to it?
    (A) Weathering
    (B) Cleaning
    (C) Tempering
    (D) Blending

9. What is the property of material to absorb water vapor from air?
    (A) Hydroscopicity
    (B) Water absorption
    (C) Permeability
    (D) Durability

10. Which test is conducted to know the classification of lime?
    (A) Ball test
    (B) Visual test
    (C) Impurity test
    (D) Workability test

11. Which cement is more suitable for the construction of chemical plant and furnace?
    (A) Expanding cement
    (B) High alumina cement
    (C) Extra rapid hardening cement
    (D) Hydrophobic cement

12. What is the designation of 420 × 594 mm size paper as per BIS?
    (A) A1
    (B) A2
    (C) A3
    (D) A4

13. What is A4 designation for untrimmed size of drawing sheet?
    (A) 450 × 625 mm
    (B) 330 × 450 mm
    (C) 240 × 330 mm
    (D) 165 × 240 mm

14. How the dimensions can be read in aligned system of dimension technique?
    (A) Left hand edge of drawing sheet
    (B) Right hand edge of drawing sheet
    (C) Top to bottom
    (D) Bottom to top

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