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Basic Engineering Drawing Multiple Choice Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Which drawing instrument is used to draw circles and arcs?
    (A) Divider
    (B) Compass
    (C) French curves
    (D) Set-square

2. Which is the supplementary angle of 120 Degree?
    (A) 65°
    (B) 60°
    (C) 220°
    (D) 180°

3. When a plane figure enclosed by more than four several straight lines is known as:
    (A) Triangle
    (B) Square
    (C) Polygon
    (D) Circle

4. Which is used to draw circles of more than 150 mm radius?
    (A) Large-size divider
    (B) Large-size compass
    (C) Lengthening bar
    (D) Bow compass

5. What is the quadrilateral if only one pair of opposite sides those are parallel?
    (A) Parallelogram
    (B) Trapezium
    (C) Rhombus
    (D) None of these

6. Which instrument is used to draw smooth curves of any nature?
    (A) Mini-drafter
    (B) French curve
    (C) Templates
    (D) Compass

7. What is the interior angle of a regular hexagon?
    (A) 120°
    (B) 80°
    (C) 60°
    (D) 18°

8. What is the type of triangle if the sides of a triangle are unequal?
    (A) Isosceles triangle
    (B) Acute angle triangle
    (C) Equilateral triangle
    (D) Scalene triangle

9. What is the part of circle between any points on its circumference of periphery?
    (A) Chord
    (B) Arc
    (C) Circumference
    (D) Segment

10. Which is preferred containing the statement "All dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise specified"?
    (A) Frames and borders
    (B) Title block
    (C) Item list
    (D) Revision table

11. How many numbers of sides are in a decagon?
    (A) 5 sides
    (B) 7 sides
    (C) 9 sides
    (D) 10 sides

12. Which are the lines that perpendicular to horizontal lines?
    (A) Horizontal line
    (B) Vertical line
    (C) Inclined line
    (D) Curved line

13. What is the entire curved of length circle?
    (A) Circumference
    (B) Sector
    (C) Diameter
    (D) Chord

14. How are successive format sizes (from A0 to A5) are obtained?
    (A) Halving along the length
    (B) Halving along the width
    (C) Four times along the width
    (D) Doubling along the length

15. What is the liner length of the entire curve that is equal to πD? (D is the diameter)
    (A) Chord
    (B) Sector
    (C) Circumference
    (D) Segment

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