Basic Principles of Building Planning MCQ Exam Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Basic Principles of Building Planning MCQ Exam Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which of the following shape of plan makes home compact?
    (A) Square
    (B) Rectangle
    (C) Oblong
    (D) Circle

2. What is the name of the useable floor area excluding staircase?
    (A) Circulation area
    (B) Carpet area
    (C) Covered area
    (D) Plinth area

3. What is the name of the plan which gives location with respect to neighborhood boundary in 1:10000?
    (A) Site plan
    (B) Key plan
    (C) Layout plan
    (D) Approved plan

4. What is the abbreviation for MOEF?
    (A) Ministry of Ecology and Forest
    (B) Ministry of Environment and Federation
    (C) Ministry of Environment and Forest
    (D) Ministry of Ecology and Fire

5. Which season gives more lighting to the building?
    (A) Summer
    (B) Winter
    (C) Spring
    (D) Autumn

6. Which of the following is the basic need of a human being?
    (A) Sheet
    (B) Shelter
    (C) Huts
    (D) Tree

7. Which room is provided for learning and reading in residential building?
    (A) Drawing room
    (B) Study room
    (C) Entertainment room
    (D) Work room

8. What is the minimum scale of which the key plan needs to be drawn according to NBC - 2005?
    (A) 01:50
    (B) 1:100
    (C) 1:200
    (D) 1:400

9. What is the maximum number of floors that can be allowed in residential building as per NBC 2005?
    (A) 2 Floors
    (B) 3 Floors
    (C) 4 Floors
    (D) 5 Floors

10. Which of the following position of door and type of door shutter offer more privacy to room?
    (A) Centre door - Single shutter
    (B) Centre door - Double shutter
    (C) Corner door - Single shutter
    (D) Corner door - Double shutter

11. Which of the following is the important advantage of orientation of building?
    (A) Aesthetic
    (B) Reduction in energy bills
    (C) Improved circulations
    (D) Outdoor projection

12. Which of the following gives major importance to outside view?
    (A) Aspect
    (B) Prospect
    (C) Grouping
    (D) Lighting

13. Who is responsible for providing the legality of the plot?
    (A) Leaser
    (B) Mortgagee
    (C) Mortgageer
    (D) Owner

14. What is the another name of dwelling unit?
    (A) Row building
    (B) Residential building
    (C) Commercial building
    (D) Educational building

15. Which does forest conservation act was passed?
    (A) 1992
    (B) 1980
    (C) 1972
    (D) 2000

16. What is the other name of circulation in the same floor?
    (A) Horizontal circulation
    (B) Vertical circulation
    (C) Zig - Zag circulation
    (D) Winding circulation

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