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Boiler Mounting - Details and Assembled Drawing MCQs

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Where a gland & stuffing box arrangement is provided in blow of cock?
    (A) Plug
    (B) Guard
    (C) Cover
    (D) Stud

2. Which arrangement is used to increase the temperature of saturated steam without raising its pressure?
    (A) Blow off cock
    (B) Super Heater
    (C) Fusible plug
    (D) Stop valve

3. Which of the following device is used to remove dissolve gases from boiler feed water?
    (A) Thermometer
    (B) Hydrometer
    (C) Deaerator
    (D) Pyrometer

4. Where the blow off cock fitted?
    (A) Lower part of boiler
    (B) Upper part of boiler
    (C) Middle part of boiler
    (D) Nearby the upper part of boiler

5. In the fire tube boilers, content of tubes are?
    (A) Hot gas
    (B) Water
    (C) Solid fuel
    (D) Liquid fuel

6. What is called the standard condition of 20 Degree Centigrade and 101.3 kpa?
    (A) STP
    (B) ISA
    (C) SATP
    (D) NTP

7. Which of these is an externally fired boiler?
    (A) Water tube boiler
    (B) Scotch marine boiler
    (C) Lancashire boiler
    (D) Package Boiler

8. Which of the following mountings used in steam boiler?
    (A) Stop valve
    (B) Air pre heater
    (C) Safety valve
    (D) Economizer

9. Which of the followings is used to remove impurities from boiler?
    (A) Fusible plug
    (B) Blow off cock
    (C) Stop valve
    (D) Safety valve

10. Which material is generally used to make blow off cock?
    (A) Cast Iron
    (B) Gun Metal
    (C) Cast Steel
    (D) Mild Steel

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