Broadening and Lengthening joints Carpenter MCQ - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Broadening and Lengthening joints Carpenter MCQ - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the reason of uneven texture in a timber?
    (A) Types of cells
    (B) Cells structure
    (C) Cells thickness
    (D) Cells size and quality

2. What prevents the dust and smoke during reheating the animal glue?
    (A) Glue pot opened
    (B) Glue pot covered
    (C) Dry glue pot
    (D) Wet glue pot

3. Which type of joint is tongue and groove joint?
    (A) Lengthening
    (B) Broadening
    (C) Thicknessing
    (D) Angling

4. Which wood is used for timber work?
    (A) Seasoning wood
    (B) Moisture wood
    (C) Shrinkage wood
    (D) Defect wood

5. Which glue is prepared from mixture of skin, bone and acid?
    (A) Animal Glue
    (B) Casein Glue
    (C) Resin Glue
    (D) Vegetable Glue

6. What is the use of lengthening joints?
    (A) Tool handle
    (B) Packing cases
    (C) Railways sleeper
    (D) Building work

7. What is reason for different shape of grain in a timber?
    (A) Quality of the cells
    (B) Thickness of the cells
    (C) Structure of the cells
    (D) Direction of the cells

8. Why common dovetail joint is used for making boxes?
    (A) Strong joint
    (B) Easy make
    (C) Easy transport
    (D) Large size

9. Which is a water solution preservative?
    (A) Tar
    (B) Creosote oil
    (C) Kerosene
    (D) Zinc chloride

10. Which is the property for sports goods and wooden floors?
    (A) Elasticity
    (B) Toughness
    (C) Fire resistance
    (D) Weather resistance

11. What is the name of joint used in place of mortise and tenon joint?
    (A) Housing joint
    (B) Bridle joint
    (C) Single dovetail joint
    (D) Common joint

12. What will happen while reheating animal glue?
    (A) Losses strength
    (B) Increase strength
    (C) Increase quantity
    (D) Decrease quantity

13. What is the use of kiln seasoning?
    (A) Average seasoned timber
    (B) Common seasoned timber
    (C) Well seasoned timber
    (D) Moderate seasoned timber

14. How to prevent wharf piles attack the bottom of boats?
    (A) Covering with copper sheets
    (B) Covering with steel sheets
    (C) Covering with mild steel sheets
    (D) Covering with carbon steel sheets

15. Which glue is prepared from curds of skimmed milk?
    (A) Animal glue
    (B) Casein glue
    (C) Resin glue
    (D) Vegetable glue

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