Building Construction Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Building Construction Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the property of Aluminium channel?
    (A) Magnetic
    (B) Non magnetic
    (C) Durable
    (D) Hardness

2. Which door is covered with plywood that consists of frame?
    (A) Panel door
    (B) Glazed door
    (C) Ledged door
    (D) Flush door

3. Which device is fixed to bottom of the aluminum door?
    (A) Shoe
    (B) Sash
    (C) Top centre pivot
    (D) Left hand floor spring

4. What is the benefit of fibre glass?
    (A) Excellent insulator
    (B) Good appearance
    (C) High weight
    (D) High holding power

5. Which building construction material is less expensive?
    (A) PVC
    (B) Aluminium
    (C) Iron
    (D) Concrete

6. Which part of the shutter enclosed between the adjacent rails?
    (A) Sash
    (B) Panel
    (C) Mullion
    (D) Transom

7. What is the remedy to avoid accident in swing door users?
    (A) Provide the door caster
    (B) Provide the door stopper
    (C) Provide the door closer
    (D) Provide peep hole at eye level

8. What is the advantage of P.V.C door?
    (A) Durable and sturdy
    (B) Strength and hardness
    (C) Manufacture very large size
    (D) Minimum warp and bend

9. Which method is applied first for removing old paint?
    (A) Scraping
    (B) Sanding
    (C) Chiselling
    (D) Painting

10. Which is the assembly of two horizontal pieces and two vertical pieces?
    (A) Roof
    (B) Stair
    (C) Truss
    (D) Door frame

11. What is the economical span range for the king post?
    (A) 3 to 4.5 m
    (B) 5 to 8 m
    (C) 9 to 10 m
    (D) 11 to 12 m

12. What is the merit of bay window?
    (A) Low maintenance
    (B) Clean easily
    (C) Improve the building size
    (D) Improve the building appearance

13. What is the reason to remove the old paint?
    (A) Increase the weight
    (B) Reduce the size
    (C) Paint sticks not properly
    (D) Paint may be inferior quality

14. What is the size of opening for design action “6ws 12” for window?
    (A) 600 × 1200
    (B) 1200 × 1000
    (C) 1200 × 1200
    (D) 1000 × 1000

15. What is the thickness of wooden door frame, depend on?
    (A) Size of the door opening
    (B) Size of the door width
    (C) Size of the door height
    (D) Size of the door panel

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