Building Construction - Wood and Aluminium MCQ - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Building Construction - Wood and Aluminium MCQ - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. What is the reason for new style framing work used with PVC?
    (A) Increase the volume
    (B) Increase the weight
    (C) Fit for receiving treatment of paint
    (D) Good appearance

2. What is the use floor spring (Hydraulically regulated) in Aluminium door?
    (A) Supported on door
    (B) Secure the upper portion
    (C) Appearance
    (D) Close the door

3. What is the advantage of Aluminium window?
    (A) High appearance
    (B) Greater holding power
    (C) Free form shrink warp
    (D) Less expensive than wooden window

4. What is the span suitable for queen post truss?
    (A) 3.5 to 4.5 m
    (B) 3.5 to 4.75 m
    (C) 6.00 to 7.00 m
    (D) 8.00 to 12.00 m

5. What is the merit of flush door?
    (A) Economical
    (B) Heavy weight
    (C) Simplest
    (D) More material

6. What is the remedy for sliding window glass damage due to vibration?
    (A) Use putty
    (B) Use glue
    (C) Use adhesive
    (D) Use rubber gasket

7. What is the disadvantage of PVC moulding?
    (A) Decrease the strength at high temperature
    (B) Reduce the weight at high temperature
    (C) Decrease the size at high temperature
    (D) Easily cracked at high temperature

8. What is the use of wooden floor?
    (A) Used for party hall
    (B) Used for marriage hall
    (C) Used for dining hall
    (D) Used for dancing hall

9. What is the edge of roof running between the eaves and the ridge?
    (A) Verge
    (B) Cleat
    (C) Template
    (D) Purlin

10. What is the advantage of using PVC in construction sector?
    (A) Low cost
    (B) Very hard
    (C) High elasticity
    (D) Fire resistance

11. Which primer is suitable for wood before painting?
    (A) White primer
    (B) Red oxide primer
    (C) Etch primer
    (D) Oil based primer

12. Why wood is replaced by PVC in construction sector?
    (A) Improve the working quality
    (B) More rusting power
    (C) Required more time
    (D) Easy to replace

13. Which door is strong, good appearance and reduces the tendency of shrinkage?
    (A) Ledged door
    (B) Ledged and braced door
    (C) Ledged and framed door
    (D) Framed and panelled door

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