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Carpenter Fitting Work Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which device is used to cut external threads on cylindrical work pieces?
    (A) Dies
    (B) Taps
    (C) Counter boring
    (D) Counter sinking

2. Why drill bit is over heated in drilling operation?
    (A) Cutting speed too high
    (B) Drill shank too length
    (C) Drill point centre incorrect
    (D) Spindle running out of centre

3. What is the accuracy of steel rule?
    (A) 0.1 mm
    (B) 0.2 mm
    (C) 0.4 mm
    (D) 0.5 mm

4. Which bolt is used most commonly?
    (A) Hexagonal head bolt
    (B) Square headed bolt
    (C) Cylindrical headed bolt
    (D) Cheese headed bolt

5. Which type of tool is used for scribing circles and arcs?
    (A) Divider
    (B) Scriber
    (C) Marking pin
    (D) Marking knife

6. Which file is used for general purpose work?
    (A) Flat file
    (B) Rasp file
    (C) Curved file
    (D) Triangular file

7. What is the reason for surface of steel rule in satin-chrome finish?
    (A) Prevent glare and rusting
    (B) Reduce the weight
    (C) Increase the accuracy
    (D) Quick reading

8. Which tool is used to check the squareness of machined and filed surface?
    (A) 'T' square
    (B) Try square
    (C) Bevel square
    (D) Metre square

9. What is the application of bench vice?
    (A) Hold the drill bit
    (B) Support the reading
    (C) Support the marking
    (D) Holding the work piece

10. Which device is used to hold work for filing?
    (A) Bench vice
    (B) Pin vice
    (C) Pipe vice
    (D) Tool maker s vice

11. Which tool is used for cutting key ways, grooves and slots?
    (A) Flat chisel
    (B) Web chisel
    (C) Cross cut chisel
    (D) Diamond point chisel

12. Which nut is turned with a Tommy bar?
    (A) Flanged nut
    (B) Cylindrical nut
    (C) Ring nut
    (D) Wing nut

13. What is the purpose of tap?
    (A) Cutting internal threads
    (B) Used for internal boring
    (C) Cutting external threads
    (D) Used for counter sinking

14. Which is the used to protect the filed surface from damage?
    (A) Vice clamps
    (B) Guard
    (C) Tool rest
    (D) Chip guard

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