Carpentry Joints Multiple Choice Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Carpentry Joints Multiple Choice Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the process if the difference of level between two points is determined by setting the levelling instrument midway between the points?
    (A) Simple levelling
    (B) Profile levelling
    (C) Differential levelling
    (D) Reciprocal levelling

2. What is the purpose of using theodolite primarily?
    (A) To measure vertical angle only
    (B) To measure inclined angle only
    (C) To measure horizontal angle only
    (D) To measure horizontal vertical angles

3. Which column is used, the first entry in the level book page?
    (A) Fore sight
    (B) Back sight
    (C) Intermediate sight
    (D) Height of instrument

4. What is the name of the staff 3m long and the band fitted is graduated in mm used for precise levelling?
    (A) Solid staff
    (B) Invar staff
    (C) Folding staff
    (D) Telescopic staff

5. What R.F is select the drawing of building sites as a topographic map?
    (A) 1/100
    (B) 1/1000
    (C) 1/5000
    (D) 1/10000

6. What is the deflection angle that the angle measured in clockwise direction?
    (A) Left deflection angle
    (B) Right deflection angle
    (C) Vertical deflection angle
    (D) Horizontal deflection angle

7. What is the name of traversing that is used for running survey lines of a closed or open survey?
    (A) Chain surveying
    (B) Compass surveying
    (C) Theodolite surveying
    (D) Plane table surveying

8. What is the traversing that a device is used to fix direction?
    (A) Chain traversing
    (B) Compass traversing
    (C) Theodolite traversing
    (D) Plane table traversing

9. Which type of windows are controlled by pulling metal weight?
    (A) Double Hung Pivoted Window
    (B) Casement Window
    (C) Bay Window
    (D) Clerestory Window

10. Which is used to subdivide a door or window with a vertical member of a frame?
    (A) Mullion
    (B) Transom
    (C) Style
    (D) Lock rail

11. Which branch of surveying deals with the measurements in vertical plane?
    (A) Chaining
    (B) Levelling
    (C) Compassing
    (D) Plane tabling

12. What measurement is plotted to a plan or a map?
    (A) Linear measurement
    (B) Angular measurement
    (C) Vertical measurement
    (D) Linear and angular measurement

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