Carpentry Joints Objective Questions (MCQ) with Answers - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Carpentry Joints Objective Questions (MCQ) with Answers - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which window is provided on sloping roof?
    (A) Table Window
    (B) Lantern Window
    (C) Dormer Window
    (D) Clerestory Window

2. Which window is provided near the top of main roof?
    (A) Panelled Window
    (B) Casement Window
    (C) Clerestory Window
    (D) Table Window

3. What bench mark is established for short duration such as at the end of a days work?
    (A) Arbitrary bench mark
    (B) Temporary bench mark
    (C) Permanent bench mark
    (D) GTS bench mark

4. What is the smallest graduated division in levelling staff?
    (A) 0.5 m
    (B) 0.05 m
    (C) 0.005 m
    (D) 0.0005 m

5. What is the name of the imaginary line of constant elevation on the ground surface?
    (A) Relief
    (B) Contour line
    (C) Contouring line
    (D) Contour interval

6. What dimensions are drawn in a plan of contour?
    (A) Vertical dimension
    (B) Horizontal dimension
    (C) Inclined dimension
    (D) Parallel dimension

7. What is referred to smallest measureable unit in theodolite?
    (A) Double sighting
    (B) Least count
    (C) Swing
    (D) Contouring

8. What is the technical term for the process of bring the vertical axis of theodolite immediately over a mark or station point?
    (A) Cantering
    (B) Traversing
    (C) Non - Traversing
    (D) Collimation

9. What is the method of prolongation of a straight line that result cumulative errors, if the instrument is not in adjustment?
    (A) Prolonging a line by first method
    (B) Prolonging a line by second method
    (C) Prolonging a line by third method
    (D) Prolonging a line by fourth method

10. What is the name of the staff used while the sights are long and the reading viewed through instrument?
    (A) Solid staff
    (B) Invar staff
    (C) Target staff
    (D) Telescopic staff

11. What is the test carried in theodolite to make the plate bubbles centre to run if the vertical axis is truly vertical?
    (A) Spine test
    (B) Plate level test
    (C) Collimation test
    (D) Bubble tube adjustment

12. What is the name of level designated as self aligning level?
    (A) Tilting level
    (B) Auto level
    (C) Dumpy level
    (D) Wye (Y) level

13. What is the name of survey done after balancing traverse?
    (A) Offset survey
    (B) Radial survey
    (C) Plotting a traverse survey
    (D) Bowditch’s method

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