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Carpentry Working Tools Multiple Choice Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. What is the purpose of chuck in pedestal drilling machine?
    (A) Support the drill bit
    (B) Hold the drill bit
    (C) Support the work
    (D) Hold the work

2. How to maintain the outfeed table in surface planer?
    (A) Check the proper depth
    (B) Check the proper alignment
    (C) Check the proper height
    (D) Check the proper weight

3. Which part of the wood turning lathe is permanently fixed at the end of bed?
    (A) Head stock
    (B) Tail stock
    (C) Tool rest
    (D) Dead centre

4. What is the function of table from mortising machine?
    (A) Move the inclined
    (B) Move the vertically
    (C) Can be tilted any angle
    (D) Move laterally to line with chisel

5. Which type of sander are large, heavy production machine?
    (A) Belt sander
    (B) Disk sander
    (C) Drum sander
    (D) Spindle sander

6. How to maintain the chisel in wood turning work?
    (A) Never lubricate
    (B) Lubricate frequently
    (C) Use always sharpened
    (D) Select the chisel in work

7. What is the material used to manufacture band saw machine frame?
    (A) Steel
    (B) Cast iron
    (C) Mild steel
    (D) Forged steel

8. Which part is used for cross cutting in vertical band saw machine?
    (A) Butt gauge
    (B) Wire gauge
    (C) Miter gauge
    (D) Panel gauge

9. Which blade is used to cut block boards, plywood in portable circular saw machine?
    (A) Special blades
    (B) Plate saw blade
    (C) Hollow ground blade
    (D) Taper plate

10. What is the prevention taken while working with a circular saw machine?
    (A) Avoid lubrication
    (B) Proper saw blade
    (C) Use the knot timber
    (D) Never stand directly in the line with blade

11. Where pressure bar is located in thickness planer?
    (A) Behind the rolls
    (B) Behind the infeed roll
    (C) Behind the outfeed roll
    (D) Behind the cutter head

12. What is the necessity for coolant while grinding?
    (A) Quenching of tool
    (B) Quick sharpening of tool
    (C) Quick grinding of tool
    (D) Hardening of tool

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