Charging and Starting System - Diesel Mechanic MCQs - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Charging and Starting System - Diesel Mechanic MCQs - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Where does commutator is used?
    (A) Dynamo
    (B) Alternator
    (C) Transformer
    (D) Ignition coil

2. Where the carbon brushes are contact in a starting motor?
    (A) Armature
    (B) Armature shaft
    (C) End cover
    (D) Commutator

3. Which is used to turns the engine fly wheel in starting system?
    (A) Drive pinion
    (B) Drive pulley
    (C) Drive coupling
    (D) Drive shaft

4. Which is the rotating part of an alternator?
    (A) Stator winding
    (B) Rotor winding
    (C) Yoke
    (D) Carbon brush

5. Which one is the possible cause for charges at high rate?
    (A) Loose mounting
    (B) Blown fuse wire
    (C) Broken drive belt
    (D) Voltage regulator winding open

6. Which one produces AC supply?
    (A) Dynamo
    (B) Alternator
    (C) Self motor
    (D) Transformer

7. What is the function of the regulator in an alternator?
    (A) Limits the alternator field current as necessary
    (B) Permits current to flow in one direction only
    (C) Takes heat from the diodes
    (D) To increase the current flow

8. Which winding help to produce the magnetic field in starting system?
    (A) Armature winding
    (B) Field winding
    (C) Solenoid winding
    (D) Compound winding

9. What is the possible cause for no charge when engine is running?
    (A) Slip ring proper seating
    (B) Battery with half-charge
    (C) Defective starting motor
    (D) Defective diode

10. Which part is produce electricity in a vehicle?
    (A) Battery
    (B) Starting motor
    (C) Alternator
    (D) Ignition coil

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