Cloth Making Part Construction Objective Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Cloth Making Part Construction Objective Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which zipper construction left and right part can join and separate easily?
    (A) Lapped
    (B) Visible
    (C) Open end
    (D) Fly front

2. How many type of casing?
    (A) One type
    (B) Two types
    (C) Three types
    (D) Five types

3. Which is considered as more functional purpose in garment?
    (A) Pleat
    (B) Pocket
    (C) Patch label
    (D) Collar band

4. What is an extension of a garment on the raw edge for example hem line and neck line?
    (A) Bias facing
    (B) In closing
    (C) Facing
    (D) Banding

5. Which trimming used for bulky seam?
    (A) Grading
    (B) Trimming
    (C) Clipping
    (D) Notching

6. Which is the width of the frills are more than they are called as?
    (A) Jettings
    (B) Flounces
    (C) Strips
    (D) Fly

7. How many number of plackets are in basic full sleeve shirt?
    (A) 1
    (B) 2
    (C) 3
    (D) 4

8. Which direction welt pocket is constructed in trouser?
    (A) Length wise
    (B) Width wise
    (C) Diagonal
    (D) 35°

9. Which finishing is suitable for sweet heart neck?
    (A) Bias binding
    (B) Bias facing
    (C) Shaped facing
    (D) Cord piping

10. How will you avoid bulging corners on square and v- shaped necklines?
    (A) Clipping corners
    (B) Ironing corners
    (C) Pressing corners
    (D) Tacking corners

11. Which hem most of the hem allowance is eliminated?
    (A) Enclosed hems
    (B) Faced hems
    (C) Rolled hems
    (D) Turned - up -hem

12. Which fabric is excellent choicer of the shirring?
    (A) Jersey
    (B) Cotton
    (C) Nylon
    (D) Polyester

13. What is the height of elastic in casing?
    (A) Wider than casing
    (B) Narrow than casing
    (C) Equal height
    (D) Very border than casing

14. Which is used to extend garment height?
    (A) Piping
    (B) Binding
    (C) Facing
    (D) Banding

15. What is the name of pocket used in formal shirt?
    (A) Flap pocket
    (B) Inseam pocket
    (C) Slash pocket
    (D) Patch pocket

16. Which placket is suitable for petticoat?
    (A) Two-piece placket
    (B) Italian placket
    (C) Continuous placket
    (D) Zipper placket

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