Compass Surveying MCQ Practice Test - Draughtsman Civil - ObjectiveBooks

Compass Surveying MCQ Practice Test - Draughtsman Civil

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the variation, in the magnetic meridian swings like a pendulum in one direction for a long period and gradually comes to rest and then swings in the opposite direction?
    (A) Secular variation
    (B) Annual variation
    (C) Irregular variation
    (D) Daily variation

2. What is the error if the magnetic needle of a compass not being straight?
    (A) Instrumental error
    (B) Manipulation error
    (C) Sighting error
    (D) External influences

3. What is the sum of the interior angle of a pentagon?
    (A) 260°
    (B) 360°
    (C) 440°
    (D) 540°

4. Which is location attraction in compass survey?
    (A) Steel Structure
    (B) Building
    (C) Trees
    (D) Hills

5. What is the value of back bearing of the line AB when the fore bearing of the line is 85 Degree 30 Minutes?
    (A) 215 Degree 30 Minutes
    (B) 240 Degree 30 Minutes
    (C) 265 Degree 30 Minutes
    (D) 300 Degree 30 Minutes

6. Which method is more accurate in plotting a compass survey?
    (A) Parallel meridian method
    (B) Included angle method
    (C) Paper protractor method
    (D) Rectangular co-ordinate method

7. What is the direction of magnetic needle always pointing?
    (A) East
    (B) West
    (C) South
    (D) North

8. What is back bearing of AB if fore bearing of AB = 63 Degree 30 Minutes?
    (A) 243 Degree 30 Minute
    (B) 116 Degree 30 Minute
    (C) 242 Degree 30 Minute
    (D) 115 Degree 30 Minute

9. What is the compass with the graduations are marked as south with 0° and north with 180°?
    (A) Trough compass
    (B) Magnetic compass
    (C) Surveyor compass
    (D) Prismatic compass

10. What angle is differed due is local attraction at a particular place detected in fore and back bearing line?
    (A) 45°
    (B) 90°
    (C) 180°
    (D) 270°

11. What is the variation of declination occurred due to magnetic storms such as earth quakes and the amount of variation may be even 1° or 2°?
    (A) Secular variation
    (B) Annual variation
    (C) Irregular variation
    (D) Regular Variation

12. What is the direction indicated by an imaginary circle passing around the earth through the place north and South Pole?
    (A) True meridian
    (B) Arbitrary meridian
    (C) Magnetic meridian
    (D) Assured meridian

13. What is the error if the compass is affected by external influences?
    (A) The pivot being bent
    (B) Local attraction
    (C) Inaccurate levelling
    (D) The vertical hair being thick

14. What is the compass that has graduation marked as 0° on North and South and 90° on East and West?
    (A) Trough compass
    (B) Magnetic compass
    (C) Surveyor’s compass
    (D) Prismatic compass

15. What is the true bearing, if the magnetic bearing of the line is N 37°W and the magnetic declination is 2°E?
    (A) N 35° W
    (B) S 35° E
    (C) N 39° W
    (D) S 39° N

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