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Computer Basics and Software Installation MCQ Interview Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the process of deleting all the data on the hard drive?
    (A) Delete
    (B) Erase
    (C) Formatting
    (D) Uninstall

2. What is the purpose of Nero StartSmart?
    (A) Format HDD
    (B) Burn CD/DVD
    (C) Format pen drive
    (D) Format CD/DVD

3. What should be done, after fixing a problem or installing a new application or making configuration in a computer?
    (A) Hibernate
    (B) Restart
    (C) Shutdown
    (D) Sleep

4. What is the capacity of typical DVD?
    (A) 40 MB
    (B) 4.7 GB
    (C) 50 MB
    (D) 60 MB

5. What is BIOS?
    (A) Firmware
    (B) Hardware
    (C) Middleware
    (D) Software

6. Which key is used to open CMOS setup utility?
    (A) Alt
    (B) Del
    (C) Enter
    (D) Tab

7. Which system is used by Bluetooth for Broadcasting?
    (A) Satellite
    (B) Microwaves
    (C) Telephone lines
    (D) Radio waves

8. What is the purpose of BIOS shadow?
    (A) Copying RAM to ROM
    (B) Copying ROM to RAM
    (C) Copying HD to RAM
    (D) Copying RAM to HD

9. Which one is used as authentication for pairing Bluetooth devices?
    (A) Keyboard
    (B) Keycode
    (C) Passcode
    (D) Password

10. Which software interface is the major hardware component of the computer with OS?
    (A) BIOS
    (B) CMOS
    (C) DOS
    (D) POST

11. What is the name of the smaller divisions made in Hard disk?
    (A) Head
    (B) Partitions
    (C) Sectors
    (D) Tacks

12. Which process is used to record data on to an optical disc?
    (A) Burning
    (B) Reading
    (C) Accepting
    (D) Accessing

13. Which program is used to enable the devices to work with OS?
    (A) Antivirus
    (B) Device driver
    (C) System Software
    (D) Application Software

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