Cooling and Lubricating System MCQs - Diesel Mechanic - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Cooling and Lubricating System MCQs - Diesel Mechanic - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Where is the thermostat valve fitted in pressurized cooling system?
    (A) Water outlet of water pump
    (B) Water outlet of radiator
    (C) Water outlet of water jacket
    (D) Water outlet of cylinder head

2. Which part drive oil pump?
    (A) Crank Shaft
    (B) Cam Shaft
    (C) Crank pulley
    (D) Timing gears

3. How the water circulation is obtained in thermosiphon system?
    (A) By forced feed of water
    (B) By density of water of hot and cold water
    (C) By gravity of water
    (D) By water jackets

4. Which is related to radiator removing procedure?
    (A) Top up water in radiator
    (B) Disconnect the all connections with radiator
    (C) Connect the top water hose
    (D) Connect the bottom water hose

5. Which method used to descale the water passages in the engine block?
    (A) By injecting water solvent
    (B) By injecting oil solvent
    (C) By injecting fresh air
    (D) By cleaning tools

6. In which type of cooling system used fins on the cylinder head?
    (A) Oil cooling
    (B) Water cooling
    (C) Liquid cooling
    (D) Air cooling

7. Which part is forced to circulate the water in forced feed engine cooling system?
    (A) Pump
    (B) Thermostat
    (C) Density of water
    (D) Water jacket

8. Which type of lubrication system used in two stroke engine?
    (A) Dry sump lubrication
    (B) Wet sump lubrication
    (C) Petrol-oil lubrication
    (D) Splash lubrication

9. What is the effect of the water level falls down in thermo syphon system?
    (A) Circulation continue
    (B) Circulation low
    (C) Circulation discontinue
    (D) Circulation high

10. Where is the oil cooler fitted in the engine?
    (A) Engine block
    (B) Cylinder head
    (C) Exhaust manifold
    (D) Oil sump

11. How to check the damaged radiator core tubes?
    (A) Check visually
    (B) Check with special tools
    (C) Check with computer
    (D) Check with bore dial gauge

12. Which part helps to dissipate the heat in air cooling engine?
    (A) Engine piston
    (B) Engine crank shaft
    (C) Density of water
    (D) Cylinder and head fins

13. Which are the properties of a lubricant?
    (A) Boiling temperature should be low
    (B) Should develop foam
    (C) Oil viscosity should not be same in hot and cold condition
    (D) Oil viscosity should be suit the operating conditions

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