Cooling and Lubricating System - Industrial Training Questions - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Cooling and Lubricating System - Industrial Training Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which device sucks oil from oil sump?
    (A) Strainer
    (B) Suction pipe
    (C) Pump
    (D) Filter

2. Which part prevents leakage of water in the water pump?
    (A) Impeller
    (B) Bearing
    (C) Seal
    (D) Pulley

3. Which method is used in radiator reverse flushing cleaning?
    (A) Flushing water with air (gun) pressure
    (B) Flushing water with engine oil
    (C) Flushing water with coolant oil
    (D) Flushing water with soap oil

4. Which lubrication system used separate oil tank?
    (A) Wet sump lubrication
    (B) Splash lubrication
    (C) Petrol-oil lubrication
    (D) Dry sump lubrication

5. Which part of the crank shaft flow oil to crank pin?
    (A) Crank web
    (B) Crank shaft thrust bearing
    (C) Crank shaft main journal
    (D) Crank pulley

6. Which condition thermostat valve open?
    (A) Low temperature of engine
    (B) High temperature of engine
    (C) Operating temperature of engine
    (D) Freezing temperature of engine

7. In which types of cooling systems rate of cooling is very low?
    (A) Thermo siphon system
    (B) Air cooling system
    (C) Forced feed system
    (D) Pump circulation system

8. Which is related to lubrication system?
    (A) Provide a cushioning effect to oil filter
    (B) Increase the wear and tear of the moving parts
    (C) Increase the blow by gases by providing an oil
    (D) Minimize the wear and tear of the moving parts

9. Where the metal fins are provided in the air cooled engine?
    (A) Cylinder and head
    (B) Exhaust pipe
    (C) Valve door
    (D) Intake manifold

10. How the water pump get drive in pump circulation cooling system?
    (A) By belt
    (B) By gear
    (C) By chain
    (D) By coupling

11. Where the water in cooling system?
    (A) Radiator upper tank
    (B) Radiator lower tank
    (C) Engine water jacket
    (D) Expansion tank

12. What is the main purpose of the lubricant?
    (A) Minimize the friction
    (B) Increase the friction
    (C) Increase the wearness
    (D) Increase the noise

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