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Create Production and Machine Parts, Production Dye MCQs

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Where the given command is used? Open sketch > click tools > sketch tools > sketch picture > browse picture > open Picture?
    (A) To edit a reference image
    (B) To create a reference image
    (C) To insert a reference image
    (D) To copy a reference image

2. What do you understand by a template in solid works?
    (A) To open default setting
    (B) To create default setting
    (C) To save default setting
    (D) To edit default setting

3. Where is design tree in the solid works located?
    (A) Top from property manager
    (B) Below from property manager
    (C) Left to property manager
    (D) Right to Property manager

4. Which solid works certification is popular?
    (A) CACP
    (B) CSWP
    (C) CACA
    (D) CSWPP

5. What visual aid helps you to identify model orientation in drawing?
    (A) 3D pointer
    (B) 2D pointer
    (C) 4D pointer
    (D) 6D pointer

6. Which command is used to provide bevel shape of edges in solid works?
    (A) Chamfer
    (B) Fillet
    (C) Cut
    (D) Revolve

7. Which of the following is used to assign the material to a solid in solid works?
    (A) Feature manager
    (B) Sketch mode
    (C) Solid creation
    (D) Solid work

8. Which of the following is not included in inside build check tools of solid works?
    (A) Document checks
    (B) Animation checks
    (C) Dimension check
    (D) Detailed document check

9. Which one of the following is not for inserting a reference plane?
    (A) Go to insert > ref.geo > plane
    (B) Go to insert > ref.geo > line
    (C) Go to insert > ref.geo > points
    (D) Go to insert > ref.geo > circle

10. Which short cut key is used to open a document in solid works?
    (A) Ctrl + P
    (B) Ctrl + R
    (C) Ctrl + S
    (D) Ctrl + O

11. Which of the following is used to assemble two parts with each other?
    (A) Mate property manager
    (B) Manager property manager
    (C) Move property manager
    (D) Configuration property manager

12. Where is the command manager in solid works located?
    (A) Left of graphic area
    (B) Right of graphic area
    (C) Top of graphic area
    (D) Bottom of graphic area

13. What is the window that shows you a thumbnail view of the whole e-drawing?
    (A) Over view window
    (B) Under view window
    (C) Upper view window
    (D) Lower view window

14. What action does the home command performed?
    (A) Selection of default view
    (B) Enlarging the default view
    (C) Reducing the default view
    (D) Return to default view

15. Which command performs a nonstop replay of drawing animation?
    (A) Continuous play
    (B) Non Continuous play
    (C) Increase play
    (D) Decrease play

16. Which of the following is the type of pattern in solid works assembly?
    (A) Mirror
    (B) Linear component pattern
    (C) Circular component pattern
    (D) Rectangular component pattern

17. How do you create an e-drawing?
    (A) Click open
    (B) Click create
    (C) Click publish
    (D) Click edit

18. Which is a computer aided design tool or software that runs on MS-Window?
    (A) Tally
    (B) Coral Draw
    (C) Solid works
    (D) Page maker

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