Cyber Security Objective Questions - Objective Books - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Cyber Security Objective Questions - Objective Books - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. An attempt to harm, damage or cause threat to a system or network is broadly termed as _________
    (A) Cyber-crime
    (B) Cyber Attack
    (C) System hijacking
    (D) Digital crime

2. What is called the protection of information and data from unauthorized Access?
    (A) Physical security
    (B) Link security
    (C) Risk management
    (D) Information security

3. In which phase, the hackers install backdoors so that his/her ownership with the victim’s system can be retained later?
    (A) Scanning
    (B) Maintaining control
    (C) Maintaining access
    (D) Gaining access

4. When the Indian parliament passed the IT Act?
    (A) 1990
    (B) 1992
    (C) 2000
    (D) 2005

5. In asymmetric key cryptography, the private key is kept by __________
    (A) Sender
    (B) Receiver
    (C) Sender and receiver
    (D) All the connected devices to the network

6. Which attack is very efficient against Double-DES?
    (A) Meet-in-the-middle
    (B) Linear cryptanalysis
    (C) Differential cryptanalysis
    (D) Statistical cryptanalysis

7. Which method go through all the files or network elements with an intention to detect something unusual?
    (A) Probing
    (B) Phishing
    (C) Infecting
    (D) Scanning

8. For the AES-128 algorithm there are __________ similar rounds and _________ round is different.
    (A) 2 pair of 5 similar rounds ; every alternate
    (B) 9 ; the last
    (C) 8 ; the first and last
    (D) 10 ; no

9. _______ is the practice and precautions taken to protect valuable information from unauthorized access, recording, disclosure or destruction.
    (A) Network Security
    (B) Database Security
    (C) Information Security
    (D) Physical Security

10. What is the full form of CIA under information security?
    (A) Confidentiality Integrity Availability
    (B) Criminal Investigation Agency
    (C) Cost Information Agency
    (D) Credit Integrity Assessment

11. Which of them is not a wireless attack?
    (A) Eavesdropping
    (B) MAC Spoofing
    (C) Wireless Hijacking
    (D) Phishing

12. What is called periodic assessment of security vulnerability in computer system?
    (A) Threat
    (B) Attack
    (C) Hacking
    (D) Security audit

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