Diesel Engine Components - Diesel Mechanic Practice Paper MCQ - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Diesel Engine Components - Diesel Mechanic Practice Paper MCQ - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Which is used to convert rotary into reciprocating motion?
    (A) Cam Shaft
    (B) Connecting rod
    (C) Rocker arm
    (D) Main shaft

2. What is the material used to produce crank shaft?
    (A) Chromium vanadium nickel steel
    (B) High speed steel
    (C) Cast iron
    (D) Wrought iron

3. Where the fly wheel is fitted in the engine?
    (A) Cam shaft
    (B) Crank shaft
    (C) Rocker arm shaft
    (D) Primary shaft

4. Which instrument is used to check the tappet clearance?
    (A) Depth gauge
    (B) Pitch gauge
    (C) Feeler gauge
    (D) Wire gauge

5. Which is transferring energy for the piston to crankshaft?
    (A) Gudgeon pin
    (B) King pin
    (C) Connecting rod
    (D) Cam shaft

6. Which load taken by the roller bearing?
    (A) Radial load
    (B) Axial load
    (C) Thrust load
    (D) Radial and axial load

7. Which is the drive source of a cam shaft?
    (A) Crank Shaft
    (B) Fly wheel
    (C) Self motor
    (D) Gear box

8. Which part connects the piston with crank pin?
    (A) Push rod
    (B) Connecting rod
    (C) Cam Shaft
    (D) Crank Shaft

9. Where the bush bearing preferred?
    (A) Connecting rods
    (B) Fly wheel and water pumps
    (C) Differential and wheel hub
    (D) Gear boxes

10. What is the material of inlet valve?
    (A) Nickel steel alloy
    (B) Aluminium alloy
    (C) Copper alloy
    (D) Chromium alloy

11. Which tool used to remove the crank shaft pulley?
    (A) Double end spanner
    (B) Ring spanner
    (C) Pipe wrench
    (D) Puller

12. What is the purpose of the fly wheel timing mark?
    (A) To coincide the gears
    (B) To set the engine timing
    (C) To set the F.I.P timing
    (D) To set the valve clearance

13. Which instrument is used to check the leakage of the cylinder?
    (A) Compression gauge
    (B) Dial gauge
    (C) Vacuum gauge
    (D) Wire gauge

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