Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System MCQ Questions and Answers - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System MCQ Questions and Answers - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. How much maximum fuel pressure developed in fuel injection pump?
    (A) 100 to 200 Kgf/cm2
    (B) 200 to 300 Kgf/cm2
    (C) 300 to 400 Kgf/cm2
    (D) 400 to 700 Kgf/cm2

2. Which is develop diesel pressure in the CRDI engine
    (A) ECM
    (B) Injection
    (C) Fuel tank
    (D) High pressure pump

3. Which type of fuel system is best suited for less fuel consumption, more power and reduce the exhaust emission?
    (A) Inline pump system
    (B) Rotary pump system
    (C) Distributor pump system
    (D) CRDI system

4. What is the name of the governor in which the control rack connected with counter weight floating lever?
    (A) Mechanical governor
    (B) Pneumatic governor
    (C) Hydraulic governor
    (D) Servo governor

5. What is the advantage of CRDI system?
    (A) Increase engine noisy
    (B) Reduce the engine torque
    (C) Increase fuel consumption
    (D) Above 25% of power developed

6. What is the purpose over flow valve in fuel filters?
    (A) To supply more fuel to filter
    (B) To send back excess diesel to fuel tank
    (C) To supply clean diesel
    (D) To take the leaking fuel

7. What is the function of heater plug?
    (A) Warm up fuel pump
    (B) Warm up combustion chamber
    (C) Warm up injector
    (D) Warm up valves

8. Which fuel related with Cetane number?
    (A) Petrol
    (B) Diesel
    (C) Coal
    (D) Kerosene

9. Which type of pump ensures in built and uniform delivery to all injectors in diesel engine?
    (A) Jerk type pump
    (B) In line pump
    (C) Rotary type pump
    (D) Servo type pump

10. Which type of fuel system has high pressure oil pump in diesel engine?
    (A) Inline FIP
    (B) Rotary FIP
    (C) CRDI fuel system
    (D) HEUI fuel system

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