Diesel Mechanic Workshop Safety Practice MCQs - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Diesel Mechanic Workshop Safety Practice MCQs - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is first aid?
    (A) It is the emergency medical treatment
    (B) It is an immediate life saving treatment
    (C) It is the intensive medical treatment
    (D) It is the rule to assessing the treatment

2. Which class of fire involves wood?
    (A) Class 'A' fire
    (B) Class 'B' fire
    (C) Class 'C' fire
    (D) Class 'D' fire

3. Which is the major energy conservation opportunity?
    (A) Stopping of leakage
    (B) Replacement machineries
    (C) Replacement of house hold appliance
    (D) Laps in house keeping

4. Which is a medium energy conservation opportunity?
    (A) House keeping
    (B) Stopping of water leakage
    (C) Renovation of the old building
    (D) Replacement of existing household appliances

5. Which is chemical Hazard?
    (A) Noise
    (B) Film resistor
    (C) Vibration
    (D) Radiation

6. Which type of personal protection recommended to handle loads with rough surfaces and pointed projections?
    (A) Paper gloves
    (B) Rubber gloves
    (C) Leather gloves
    (D) Polythene gloves

7. What is the effect of air borne dust in workshop?
    (A) Diarrhea
    (B) Dehydration
    (C) Throat infection
    (D) Rise in blood pressure

8. What will you do if an electric shock victim unable to release his grip from the conductor?
    (A) Make sure the power is turned off
    (B) Cover all burns with a dry loose dressing
    (C) Place the victim on one side with head down
    (D) Ask a by stander to help you to move the victim

9. How the waste oil is disposed?
    (A) Hand over back to the customer
    (B) Throw the removed oil in the drain
    (C) Keep in small containers in remote corners
    (D) Collect waste oil container and dispose to register vendors

10. Which type of occupational health hazards involves 'Toxic'?
    (A) Physical hazard
    (B) Chemical hazard
    (C) Biological hazard
    (D) Mechanical hazard

11. Which is the Biological hazard?
    (A) Smoking
    (B) Sickness
    (C) Infection
    (D) Poor discipline

12. Which distance is known as wheel base of the vehicle?
    (A) Centre to centre distance between front wheels
    (B) Centre to centre distance between rear wheels
    (C) Centre to centre distance between front and rear wheels
    (D) End to end distance between front and rear wheels

13. Which fire extinguisher suitable for class ‘C’ fire?
    (A) Foam filled extinguisher
    (B) Water filled extinguisher
    (C) Dry powder fire extinguisher
    (D) Carbon-dioxide fire extinguisher

14. Which type of energy conservation comes under the replacement of old machineries?
    (A) Minor energy conservation opportunities
    (B) Major energy conservation opportunities
    (C) Medium energy conservation opportunities
    (D) Very minor energy conservation opportunities

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