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Dimensioning and Scales - Mechanical Draughtsman Questions Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Location of a hole is marked using dimension state which type dimension is this.
    (A) Functional Dimensions
    (B) Non functional dimensions
    (C) Parallel Dimension
    (D) Chain dimensioning

2. Which scale can be used to convert to kilometer into mile?
    (A) Vernier scale
    (B) Comparative scale
    (C) Diagonal scale
    (D) Plain scale

3. When a thin continues line, its connects note (or) dimension with the features to which it appliers:
    (A) Extension line
    (B) Dimension line
    (C) Leader line
    (D) Object line

4. A thin line projected from the figure and extends beyond dimension line is called
    (A) Center line
    (B) Hidden line
    (C) Dotted line
    (D) Extension line

5. Scale of chord is used to
    (A) Construct the angle of different measures
    (B) Measure the diameter of the circle
    (C) Measure the length of chord
    (D) Measure area of a sector

6. The method of dimensioning which enable the reader to read the dimensions from bottom side of the drawing sheet.
    (A) Unidirectional System
    (B) Aligned System
    (C) Chain dimensioning
    (D) Parallel dimensioning

7. Length and width of arrow head of dimension line end is
    (A) 2 : 1
    (B) 3 : 1
    (C) 1 : 3
    (D) 1 : 2

8. Representative fraction of a scale is
    (A) Ratio to object size to drawing size
    (B) Ratio to drawing size to object size
    (C) Maximum length of scale
    (D) Minimum length of scale

9. A full circle should be dimensional by it
    (A) Radius
    (B) Diameter
    (C) Partial
    (D) Depth

10. Which of the following scales can be used to measure meter and decimeter only?
    (A) Plain scale
    (B) Vernier scale
    (C) Diagonal scale
    (D) Scale of chord

11. Comparative scale is use to
    (A) Measure the length of the drawing object
    (B) Measure the representative fraction
    (C) Compare and draw in two units
    (D) Calculate maximum length of scale

12. Which type of dimension includes overall height, width and depth?
    (A) Size
    (B) Location
    (C) Chain
    (D) Parallel

13. Method of placing dimensional values parallel to the dimension line is called.
    (A) Unidirectional system
    (B) Aligned system
    (C) Datum dimensioning
    (D) Positional dimensioning

14. The diameter of a circle is denoted using dimension which of the following is suitable for the dimension.
    (A) Non functional dimension
    (B) Co-ordinate dimension
    (C) Datum dimensions
    (D) Functional dimensions

15. Above which line the dimension text is placed.
    (A) Dimension line
    (B) Intension line
    (C) Centre line
    (D) Leader line

16. Which of the following ratio give the drawing exact half size of the object?
    (A) 2 : 1
    (B) 1 : 2
    (C) 1 : 50
    (D) 1 : 100

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