Draughtsman Civil Bridges and Culverts MCQs - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Draughtsman Civil Bridges and Culverts MCQs - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which bridge is mostly used for railway bridges of small spans?
    (A) Steel girder
    (B) Steel trough plate
    (C) Suspension
    (D) Steel truss

2. What is marked as ʹxʹ?
Bridges and Culverts Practice Set 02

    (A) Clearance
    (B) Approach
    (C) Free board
    (D) Apron 

3. Which foundation is suitable for the construction of bridge?
    (A) Pile
    (B) Shallow
    (C) Grillage
    (D) Inverted arch

4. What is the name of the wing-wall if the angle of splay 90 Degree?
    (A) Splayed
    (B) Return
    (C) Straight
    (D) Tee abutment

5. Which is the main characteristic for an ideal site for a bridge?
    (A) Stream should be broad
    (B) Built up areas
    (C) Reach of stream should be straight
    (D) Whirls and cross currents 

6. Which foundation is provided for heavy works at a depth of 12 m to 15 m below the level of standing water surface?
    (A) Well
    (B) Caisson
    (C) Coffer dam
    (D) Pile

7. Which is the intermediate support of a bridge superstructure?
    (A) Foundation
    (B) Pier
    (C) Abutment
    (D) Wing wall

8. Which is a temporary structure constructed to remove water or soil from an area to carry construction under dry condition?
    (A) Caisson
    (B) Well
    (C) Coffer dam
    (D) Box 

9. Which is provided for the superstructure in the alignment on curve in hilly areas?
    (A) RCC girders
    (B) Box culverts
    (C) Dumb bell pier
    (D) Column bents

10. What is the maximum noise level of ventilation fans while measure at the closest point of employee exposure?
    (A) 90 decibel
    (B) 100 decibel
    (C) 120 decibel
    (D) 130 decibel

11. Which is the temporary pier made in the river bed?
    (A) Kerb
    (B) Scuppers
    (C) Afflux
    (D) Cribs

12. Which bridge composed of several small spans for crossing a valley?
    (A) Aqueduct
    (B) Fort
    (C) Viaduct
    (D) Deck

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