Dress Making Basic Operations Objective Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Dress Making Basic Operations Objective Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which is used to tighten and loosen the waist line of garment?
    (A) Hem
    (B) Gathering
    (C) Casing
    (D) Pleat

2. Which is used to finish the raw edge fully turnout wrong side of the garments?
    (A) Piping
    (B) Banding
    (C) Facing
    (D) Binding

3. Where the casing is used commonly?
    (A) Waist band
    (B) Neck line
    (C) Seam line
    (D) Shoulder line

4. What is the purpose of frills?
    (A) Finishing
    (B) Decorating
    (C) Fastening
    (D) Trimming

5. Which side turned up hem allowance is folded?
    (A) Length of fabric
    (B) Finishing of fabrics
    (C) Inside the garment
    (D) Trimming fabric

6. How many methods of shirring are used on garments?
    (A) One method
    (B) Two methods
    (C) Limited method
    (D) Popular method

7. What are the pleats, its most common form of pleats?
    (A) Box pleats
    (B) Inverted pleats
    (C) Knife pleats
    (D) Inverted box pleats

8. What is the advantage of mitering with banding corner?
    (A) Material size increase
    (B) Material size decrease
    (C) Material size remain same
    (D) Material size shrinks

9. When the fold is very narrow, they are called as which tucks?
    (A) Shell tucks
    (B) Blind tucks
    (C) Corded tucks
    (D) Pin tucks

10. How is called on the bias?
    (A) Warp direction
    (B) Weft direction
    (C) Grain
    (D) Diagonal to wrap and weft

11. Which dart is used for semi fitted and fitted styles of garments?
    (A) Contour dart
    (B) French dart
    (C) One end pointed dart
    (D) Slashed dart (Single point)

12. How the corner formed?
    (A) Meet to the length
    (B) Meet to the width
    (C) Meet two edges
    (D) Meet to bias

13. Which method is folded inside the garment finishing of turned - up hem?
    (A) Fabric allowance
    (B) Stitch allowance
    (C) Ease allowance
    (D) Hem allowance

14. What is the function of gathers?
    (A) Stitching in a garment
    (B) Controlling in a garment
    (C) Finishing in a garment
    (D) Decorative in a garment

15. What is the function of pleats?
    (A) Decorative flare and fullness
    (B) Decorative only
    (C) Flare only
    (D) Fullness

16. What is the shape of the corner if one hem width is wider the other side in overlapping corner?
    (A) Square
    (B) Circular
    (C) Rectangle
    (D) Triangle

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