Electrical and Electronics MCQs on Diesel Mechanic - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrical and Electronics MCQs on Diesel Mechanic - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What type of emf is produced if the conductor moved and cut the magnetic field?
    (A) Dynamically induced emf
    (B) Statistically induced emf
    (C) Electro-chemical induced emf
    (D) Electro-magnetic induced emf

2. Which part is connected and completes the Horn circuit of the push button pressed?
    (A) Core
    (B) Tone disc
    (C) Horn points
    (D) Ground plate

3. What is the energy conversion of battery during discharge?
    (A) Electrical energy into heat energy
    (B) Chemical energy into electrical energy
    (C) Electrical energy into chemical energy
    (D) Electrical energy into mechanical energy

4. What is the net resistance 'R' if 'R1' and 'R2' resistance are connected in series?
    (A) R = R1 + R2
    (B) R = R1 × R2
    (C) R = R1/R2
    (D) None of these

5. How the flow of Electron is called
    (A) Current
    (B) Power
    (C) Voltage
    (D) Resistance

6. Which circuit the ballast resistor is used?
    (A) Horn circuit
    (B) Wiper circuit
    (C) Flasher circuit
    (D) Head lamp circuit

7. What is the unit of capacitance?
    (A) Ohm
    (B) Voltage
    (C) Farad
    (D) Ampere

8. Which are the semi conductor materials?
    (A) Arsenic and boron
    (B) Gallium and indium
    (C) Germanium and silicon
    (D) Aluminium and antimony

9. Which material resists the flow of electron?
    (A) Gold
    (B) Glass
    (C) Silver
    (D) Copper

10. Which device has the ability to store electrical charge?
    (A) Capacitor
    (B) Resistor
    (C) Insulator
    (D) Conductor

11. Which electronic component is used as a solid state switch?
    (A) Inductor
    (B) Resistor
    (C) Capacitor
    (D) Transistor

12. Which component is made by semiconductor material?
    (A) Switch
    (B) Resistor
    (C) Capacitor
    (D) Transistor

13. Which electrical measuring instruments is fitted on the vehicle panel board?
    (A) Ammeter
    (B) Voltmeter
    (C) Wattmeter
    (D) Ohm meter

14. How the battery capacity is expressed?
    (A) Ampere - hour rating
    (B) Voltage - hour rating
    (C) Ampere rating
    (D) Voltage rating

15. Which is measured by ammeter in an electrical circuit?
    (A) Power
    (B) Voltage
    (C) Current
    (D) Resistances

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