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Electrical Wiring Objective Test Questions with Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which is a temporary wiring?
    (A) Casing and capping wiring
    (B) CTS/TRS wiring
    (C) Cleat wiring
    (D) Lead sheathed wiring

2. What is the indication of neon polarity indicator used for checking AC supply?
    (A) Both electrodes will glow
    (B) Only one electrode will glow
    (C) Both electrodes will be flickering
    (D) One electrode will glow and another will be flickering

3. Which is a conductor of electricity?
    (A) Mica
    (B) Copper
    (C) Air
    (D) Glass

4. What is the unit for quantity of electricity?
    (A) Mho
    (B) Coulomb
    (C) Volt/Second
    (D) Ampere/Second

5. What is the first aid to be given to stop the bleeding of the victim?
    (A) Applying ointment
    (B) Keep the injured portion upward
    (C) Covering the wound portion by dressing
    (D) Applying pressure over the injured portion

6. What is the maximum permissible load for a light and fan sub circuit as per IE rules?
    (A) 800 watt
    (B) 1500 watt
    (C) 2000 watt
    (D) 3000 watt

7. How many electrons are there in the third shell of copper atom?
    (A) 8
    (B) 13
    (C) 18
    (D) 29

8. What effect of electric current is applied in ceiling fan?
    (A) Heating effect
    (B) Chemical effect
    (C) Magnetic effect
    (D) Gas ionization effect

9. Which instrument is used to measure electric current?
    (A) Ammeter
    (B) Voltmeter
    (C) Wattmeter
    (D) Ohm meter

10. What is the golden hour for victim injured on head with risk of dying?
    (A) First 15 minutes
    (B) First 30 minutes
    (C) First 45 minutes
    (D) First 60 minutes

11. What is the purpose of switch in electrical circuit?
    (A) Regulate the rated supply voltage
    (B) Control the amount of current through load
    (C) Start (or) stop the flow of current
    (D) Provide the path for the current to flow

12. What is the unit of electrical resistance?
    (A) Volt
    (B) Ohm
    (C) Watt
    (D) Ampere

13. Which is the polarity of direct current (DC)?
    (A) Phase (L) and Neutral (N)
    (B) Phase (L) and Negative (-ve)
    (C) Positive (+ve) and Neutral (N)
    (D) Positive (+ve) and negative (-ve)

14. Which instrument is used to test the new wiring installation?
    (A) Multimeter
    (B) Ohmmeter
    (C) Voltmeter
    (D) Megger

15. Which condition of the victim is referred as COMA stage?
    (A) Unconscious but can respond to calls
    (B) Unconscious but cannot respond to calls
    (C) Breathing but cannot respond to calls
    (D) Lie totally senseless and do not respond to call

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