Emission Control System Diesel Mechanic MCQs - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Emission Control System Diesel Mechanic MCQs - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which pollutant is released more from diesel engine during weak compression?
    (A) CO
    (B) Particulate matter
    (C) HC
    (D) NOX

2. Which is harmful emission element produced by an internal combustion engine?
    (A) CO2 + HC + H2O
    (B) H2O + CO2 + Nitrogen
    (C) NOX + CO2 + Pm
    (D) Pb + CO2 + NOX

3. What is the acronym for DPF in exhaust emission system?
    (A) Diesel pressure filter
    (B) Diesel primary filter
    (C) Diesel particulate filter
    (D) Direct particulate filter

4. Which engine uses EVAP canister?
    (A) Diesel engine
    (B) Petrol engine
    (C) LPG engine
    (D) CNG engine

5. What is the reason for the emission of particulate matter?
    (A) Due to complete combustion
    (B) Due to incomplete combustion
    (C) Due to excess air supplied
    (D) Due to atmospheric mixture

6. Where EGR valve connected?
    (A) Exhaust system and intake system
    (B) Crank case and intake system
    (C) Crank case and exhaust system
    (D) Exhaust system and catalytic converter

7. Which is the hydrocarbon emission released directly from engine to the atmosphere
    (A) Crank case and exhaust system
    (B) Fuel tank and carburetor
    (C) Fuel tank and crank case
    (D) Fuel tank and exhaust

8. Which one is a non pollution gas?
    (A) CO
    (B) NO
    (C) HC
    (D) O2

9. What is the purpose of EVAP canister?
    (A) To trap the exhaust gas
    (B) To trap fresh air
    (C) To trap the leak off
    (D) To trap the fuel vapor

10. Name the emission control technique when some amount of gases feed into the intake manifold of a running engine?
    (A) Exhaust gas recirculation
    (B) Positive crank case ventilation
    (C) Catalytic convention
    (D) Selective catalytic reduction

11. What is the purpose of crank case ventilation?
    (A) To prevent pressure build up
    (B) To prevent temperature build up
    (C) To increase the blow by gas
    (D) To reduce the combustion leak

12. Which engine emits more amounts of nitrogen oxides (NOX)?
    (A) Spark ignition engine
    (B) Compressed ignition engine
    (C) Two stroke engine
    (D) LPG engine

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