Engineering Drawing Basics - Interview Question and Answers - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Engineering Drawing Basics - Interview Question and Answers - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which refer to two graphic entities that are at a constant distance apart along the length?
    (A) Uniformity
    (B) Parallelism
    (C) Perpendicularity
    (D) Chordality

2. Which type of lines are drawn as continuous narrow free hand lines?
    (A) Visible edges
    (B) Cutting planes
    (C) Centre lines
    (D) Limits of partial or interrupted views

3. What is the term for a quadrilateral whose all four sides are equal and its four angles are right angles?
    (A) Rectangle
    (B) Rhombus
    (C) Trapezoid
    (D) Square

4. What is the quadrilateral if all the four sides are equal and the diagonal bisects at right angles?
    (A) Parallelogram
    (B) Trapezium
    (C) Rhombus
    (D) Rectangle

5. What is the preferred trimmed size of a A0 drawing sheet recommended by B.I.S?
    (A) 841 × 1189
    (B) 594 × 841
    (C) 420 × 594
    (D) 210 × 297

6. How the size of the letter is specified?
    (A) Width
    (B) Height
    (C) Inclination
    (D) Length

7. Which is an acute angle?
    (A) 45°
    (B) 120°
    (C) 220°
    (D) 180°

8. What is the type of triangle if the two sides of a triangle are equal?
    (A) Isosceles triangle
    (B) Acute angle triangle
    (C) Equilateral triangle
    (D) Scalene triangle

9. What is a plane figure bound by a curve formed by the locus of a point that moves so that it is always at a fixed distance from a stationary point is its centre?
    (A) Ellipse
    (B) Parabola
    (C) Circle
    (D) Hyperbola

10. What is the term for a straight line joining ends of an arc on a circle?
    (A) Circumference
    (B) Sector
    (C) Diameter
    (D) Chord

11. Which one is equivalent to length p times of diameter of a circle?
    (A) Circumference
    (B) Sector
    (C) Diameter
    (D) Chord

12. What is the term for one fourth of a circle?
    (A) Quadrant of a circle
    (B) Semi-circle
    (C) Part of circle
    (D) Concentric circle

13. What is the surface area of A0 size drawing sheet?
    (A) Two square metre
    (B) Half square metre
    (C) One square metre
    (D) Four square metre

14. Which is contained in title block of drawing sheet?
    (A) Drawing space
    (B) Scale
    (C) Centering marks
    (D) Grid reference

15. What is the polygon if the sides and angles are equal?
    (A) Pentagon
    (B) Heptagon
    (C) Nonagon
    (D) Regular polygon

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