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Framing and Housing Multiple Questions with Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. What is the purpose of haunch in mortise and tenon joint?
    (A) For strength
    (B) For finishing
    (C) For prevent rail twisting
    (D) Supporting joint

2. Which preservative is used for fencing posts, telegraph poles and floor joists?
    (A) Creosote oil
    (B) Zinc chloride
    (C) Sheathing
    (D) Sodium fluoride

3. Which joint is used for joining end to end pieces?
    (A) Widening joints
    (B) Framing joints
    (C) Housing joints
    (D) Lengthening joints

4. What is the advantage of seasoning of timber?
    (A) Improve volume and weight
    (B) Improve color and smell
    (C) Improve strength and hardness
    (D) Improve sound and grain

5. Which joint is used for building beams?
    (A) Lengthening joint
    (B) Widening joint
    (C) Framing joint
    (D) Box joint

6. Which category of joints is used for increase width?
    (A) Framing joints
    (B) Box joints
    (C) Widening joints
    (D) Lengthening joints

7. Which part must be cut first to make secret dove tail joint?
    (A) Pin
    (B) Socket
    (C) Dove tail
    (D) Channel

8. What is the use of synthetic rubber adhesive?
    (A) Improver the weight
    (B) Decrease the volume
    (C) Improve the hardness
    (D) Foot wear industries

9. What is the use of white arsenic preservative?
    (A) Very effective against termites
    (B) Easy evaporate quickly
    (C) Less effective against termites
    (D) Use less quantity of timber

10. What is the projected height of dowel pin after inserting in a dowel pin joint?
    (A) Full height upwards
    (B) 3/4 height upwards
    (C) 1/2 height upwards
    (D) 1/4 height upwards

11. Which glue is strong bond and water proof?
    (A) Animal Glue
    (B) Casein Glue
    (C) Resin Glue
    (D) Blood albumen Glue

12. Why the planks ends are set according to annual rings?
    (A) Quick sawing
    (B) Quick marking
    (C) Quick chiseling
    (D) Good appearance

13. How to calculate the joining length in lengthening joint?
    (A) 1-2 times of thickness
    (B) 2-3 times of thickness
    (C) 4-5 times of thickness
    (D) 6-7 times of thickness

14. What is the purpose of the seasoning of timber?
    (A) Remove the moisture
    (B) Remove the strength
    (C) Remove the color
    (D) Remove the smell

15. Which type of housing joint is required for stronger joint?
    (A) Full housing joint
    (B) Through housing joint
    (C) Dovetail housing joint
    (D) Stopped housing joint

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