Framing, Housing and Dovetail Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Framing, Housing and Dovetail Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which type of joint is used for fixing shelves?
    (A) Housing joint
    (B) Scarf joint
    (C) Bridle joint
    (D) Halving joint

2. How much time should a case of glue should be consumed at most?
    (A) 4 hour
    (B) 6 hour
    (C) 7 hour
    (D) 8 hour

3. Which is the property for good timber?
    (A) Fine texture
    (B) Abnormal growth
    (C) Cross grain
    (D) Light in color

4. What is the use of zinc chloride preservative?
    (A) Good appearance
    (B) Improve volume
    (C) Maintain the shape
    (D) Excellent for use against fungi

5. Which tool is used for making groove in a tongue and grooved joint?
    (A) Jointer plane
    (B) Smoothing plane
    (C) Plough plane
    (D) Rebate plane

6. What is the application of wooden dowel?
    (A) Strengthen bevel scarf joint
    (B) Strengthen box joint
    (C) Strengthen table scarf joint
    (D) Strengthen widening joints

7. What is the use of table scraf joint?
    (A) Increasing length
    (B) Increasing width
    (C) Increasing thickness
    (D) Increasing volume

8. Which is an oil preservative?
    (A) Tar
    (B) White arsenic
    (C) Sodium fluoride
    (D) Zinc chloride

9. Which joint is used for the corners of picture frames?
    (A) Miter joints
    (B) Halving joints
    (C) Circular joints
    (D) Dowel joints

10. What is the advantage of creosote oil preservative?
    (A) Easy to apply
    (B) Easy to handling
    (C) Easy to working
    (D) Easy to evaporate

11. What is the advantage of adhesive?
    (A) Improving the hardness
    (B) Improving the volume
    (C) Improving the weight
    (D) Improving the strength in joint

12. What is the selection for lengthening joint?
    (A) Support the loads
    (B) Size of wood
    (C) Types of timber
    (D) Fine texture timber

13. How to calculate the thickness of socket in a bridle joint?
    (A) 1/3rd thickness of stock
    (B) 2/3rd thickness of stock
    (C) 1/4th thickness of stock
    (D) Full thickness of stock

14. What is the essential knowledge for a wood worker before using glue?
    (A) Color of glue
    (B) Beauty of glue
    (C) Smell of glue
    (D) Adhesive power of glue

15. Which timber is used to avoid cracks and knots?
    (A) Case hardening timber
    (B) Irregular growth timber
    (C) Shrinkage of timber
    (D) Quality of good timber

16. Where the screws are driven in a bevel scarf joints?
    (A) Centre surface
    (B) Top surface
    (C) Bottom surface
    (D) Top and bottom surfaces

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