Functions of Using Accounting Software - COPA Questions - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Functions of Using Accounting Software - COPA Questions - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Which term is used for giving aspect of a transaction?
    (A) Credit
    (B) Debit
    (C) Journal
    (D) Voucher

2. Which combination of key is used to save the information in Tally?
    (A) Ctrl + A
    (B) Ctrl + I
    (C) Ctrl + S
    (D) Ctrl + X

3. Which function key is used to enter payment?
    (A) F3
    (B) F5
    (C) F7
    (D) F9

4. Which area in Tally screen provides quick access to different options?
    (A) Button bar
    (B) Calculator
    (C) Product info
    (D) Work area

5. What is termed as excess of credit side total amount over debit side total amount in profit and loss account?
    (A) Credit
    (B) Debit
    (C) Loss
    (D) Profit

6. Which factor determines the cost of the product?
    (A) Direct cost
    (B) Elements of cost
    (C) Indirect cost
    (D) Standard cost

7. Which term is used for the amount invested for starting a business by a person?
    (A) Asset
    (B) Capital
    (C) Debit
    (D) Liabilities

8. What is the purpose of Alt + W key in Tally?
    (A) Change the financial period
    (B) Invoke Tally Reference Manual
    (C) Open default web browser
    (D) Exist Tally without confirmation

9. Which budget is prepared for a very short period?
    (A) Current budget
    (B) Long term budget
    (C) Rolling budget
    (D) Short term budget

10. What is meant by current date in Tally?
    (A) Calendar date
    (B) Last voucher date
    (C) Last worked date
    (D) System date

11. Which book is used to record transactions relating to return of goods to suppliers?
    (A) Purchase Book
    (B) Purchase Return Book
    (C) Sales Book
    (D) Sales Return Book

12. What is the purpose of financial management feature in Tally?
    (A) Handles different types of vouchers
    (B) Allows importing and exporting data
    (C) Provides budgeting option
    (D) Provides option for data backup

13. What is the purpose of Ctrl + Q key is the Gateway of Tally screen?
    (A) Close the tally screen
    (B) Quit tally current screen
    (C) Exit with confirmation
    (D) Exit without confirmation

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