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Garment Construction (Clothing) Objective Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. Which machine is used to stitch different type of stitches in Salwar bottom?
    (A) Over lock
    (B) Flat lock
    (C) Fashion maker
    (D) Feed off the arm

2. How the across chest is measure in kameez?
    (A) Chest line on Eye level
    (B) Chest line on arm hole middle
    (C) Chest round
    (D) Shoulder to shoulder

3. What is churis?
    (A) Pant
    (B) Folds
    (C) Tight
    (D) Narrow

4. What is the grain of kameez sleeve?
    (A) Warp
    (B) Weft
    (C) Diagonal
    (D) Bias

5. Which sleeve has puffed above and tight fitting below the elbow?
    (A) Leg-o-mutton
    (B) Bishop
    (C) Kimono
    (D) Raglan

6. How to give frill effect to sleeve?
    (A) By pleat and elastic
    (B) By pleat and gathering
    (C) By gathering and tuck
    (D) By gathering and elastic

7. Which grain Salwar side panel is cut?
    (A) Lengthwise
    (B) Width wise
    (C) Bias
    (D) Warp grain

8. Which is the final operation in kameez construction?
    (A) Sleeve hemming
    (B) Front neck finish
    (C) Bottom hemming
    (D) Back neck finishing

9. How the shawl collar constructed?
    (A) Attached separately
    (B) Front lapel attached separately
    (C) Self fold lapel
    (D) Back lapel attached separately

10. What is master pattern?
    (A) Excluding all allowance
    (B) Including all allowance
    (C) Including ease allowance
    (D) Excluding ease allowance

11. Which tool is used to bring out the corner's of collar after turning to right side?
    (A) Seam ripper
    (B) Tweeze
    (C) Bodkin
    (D) Trimmer

12. Where the full dart is placed in kameez?
    (A) Chest line
    (B) Waist line
    (C) Hip line
    (D) Neck line

13. How the formal shirt full sleeve bottom is finished?
    (A) With placket, pleat and cuff
    (B) Without placket and pleat
    (C) With gathering and cuff
    (D) With pleat and cuff

14. Which material is used to finish Salwar bottom?
    (A) Tape
    (B) Canvas
    (C) Lining fabric
    (D) False

15. How the front and back armhole should draw in kameez?
    (A) Both are same
    (B) Front curve deep than back
    (C) Back curve deep than front
    (D) Both heights different

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