Garment Construction Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Garment Construction Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which is the last operation in shirt stitching?
    (A) Hemming
    (B) Pocking attaching
    (C) Making button holes
    (D) Collar attaching

2. What is sleeve crown?
    (A) Midpoint of sleeve
    (B) Highest point of sleeve
    (C) Midpoint of bottom
    (D) Midpoint of front and back

3. Which garment has kali centre piece and side piece?
    (A) Pant
    (B) Kameez
    (C) Salwar
    (D) Churidar

4. What is BR refers in pattern making?
    (A) Body round
    (B) Body rise
    (C) Bicep round
    (D) Bottom round

5. Which garment has Churi at bottom?
    (A) Salwar
    (B) Patiala
    (C) Churidar
    (D) Semi Patiala

6. How many cut components in basic kameez?
    (A) 3
    (B) 4
    (C) 2
    (D) 5

7. How the required fabric for basic kameez is calculated?
    (A) 2 × length + allowance
    (B) 2 × length + sleeve length
    (C) 2 × length + sleeve length + allowance
    (D) 2 × sleeve length + 2 sleeve length

8. What is the design of basic kameez?
    (A) Slit on front
    (B) Slit on back
    (C) Slit on both sides
    (D) Slit on front and back

9. What is the purpose of using canvas?
    (A) Protection
    (B) Decoration
    (C) Strength
    (D) Shape

10. Which sleeve has gathering at top and bottom?
    (A) Bishop sleeve
    (B) Plain sleeve
    (C) Puff sleeve
    (D) Bell sleeve

11. Which button hole is embossed?
    (A) Shaped
    (B) Corded
    (C) Keyhole
    (D) Fan

12. Which type of sleeve is leg-o-mutton?
    (A) Cut on sleeve
    (B) Set in sleeve
    (C) Raglan
    (D) Kimono sleeve

13. Which part of Salwar is kali?
    (A) Belt piece
    (B) Side piece
    (C) Front and Back piece
    (D) Bottom piece

14. What grain churidar is cut?
    (A) Warp
    (B) Weft
    (C) Bias
    (D) Length wise

15. Where the opening is constructed in tight fitted kameez?
    (A) Centre front
    (B) Centre back
    (C) Shoulder
    (D) Side seam

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