Garment Construction online Quiz Questions and Answers - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Garment Construction online Quiz Questions and Answers - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. How the length of basic churidar is calculated for cutting?
    (A) Full length + Belt
    (B) Full length + Belt + allowance
    (C) Full length + Churi + allowance
    (D) Full length + Churi + belt

2. What is lapped and French?
    (A) Placket types
    (B) Pocket types
    (C) Cuff types
    (D) None of these

3. Which types of collar are similar?
    (A) Rolled and sailor collar
    (B) Flat and Peter Pan collar
    (C) Sailor and flat collar
    (D) Rolled collar and Peter Pan collar

4. Which collar is V shape in front and square shape at back?
    (A) Rolled collar
    (B) Sailor collar
    (C) Shawl collar
    (D) Tennis collar

5. Which is used to adjust the waist girth in Salwar?
    (A) Canvas
    (B) Draw cord
    (C) Casing zipper
    (D) Gathering

6. How the Salwar length is measured?
    (A) Including belt
    (B) Including bottom hem
    (C) Excluding belt
    (D) Including belt and bottom hem

7. How the bust round measurement is made during drafting kameez?
    (A) 1/4 of bust
    (B) 1/2 of bust
    (C) Bust round
    (D) 3/4 of bust

8. Which part of fitted kameez has more darts?
    (A) Sleeve
    (B) Back
    (C) Front
    (D) Bottom

9. What is the formula for estimating fabric for Salwar?
    (A) 4 × length + allowance
    (B) 2 × length + allowance
    (C) 1 × length + allowance
    (D) 1/2 × length + allowance

10. Which garment raglan sleeve is used?
    (A) Formal shirt
    (B) T-shirt
    (C) Jumpsuit
    (D) Basic kameez

11. How the bishop sleeve is constructed?
    (A) Gather's at sleeve top
    (B) Gather's at sleeve bottom
    (C) Gather's at both sleeves top and bottom
    (D) Without gathering

12. Which garment is constructed with kimono sleeve?
    (A) Baba suit
    (B) Jumpsuit
    (C) Kurti
    (D) Jerkins

13. Where the churis is stitched in churidar?
    (A) Thigh to knee
    (B) Thigh to ankle
    (C) Knee to ankle
    (D) Cal of ankle

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