Garment Designing and Construction MCQs online - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Garment Designing and Construction MCQs online - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is used to remove the water from fabric and garments after washing?
    (A) Sediment traps
    (B) Washing machines
    (C) Drying machines
    (D) Hydro extractors

2. What is the use of hot air irons?
    (A) Drying
    (B) Pressing
    (C) Folding
    (D) Trimming

3. What is chaak?
    (A) Long slits
    (B) Short slits
    (C) Knots
    (D) Snipped edges

4. Which garment is prepared with casing at the waist for inserting tape?
    (A) Kameez
    (B) Churidar
    (C) Kurta
    (D) Sherwani

5. What is VAT?
    (A) Value Added Time
    (B) Value Added Total
    (C) Value Added Tax
    (D) Value Added Test

6. Which machines are used to sew the button automatically into a garment?
    (A) Button hole machine
    (B) Button fixing machine
    (C) Bar tacking machine
    (D) Lock stitch machine

7. What is the process of trimming in garment finishing?
    (A) Cutting of unnecessary garment
    (B) Finishing of garments
    (C) Folding of garments
    (D) Stitching of garments

8. How raglan blouse is prepared?
    (A) With raglan sleeve
    (B) With darts
    (C) Without darts
    (D) Without placket

9. What is the purpose of placket?
    (A) To modify garment
    (B) To put on and remove garment
    (C) To proportionate garment
    (D) To differentiate garment

10. Where is mending of a seam done?
    (A) On wrong side
    (B) On right side
    (C) On seam
    (D) On inseam

11. Which layer of fabric is cut to the same shape as the garment?
    (A) Under lining
    (B) Interlining
    (C) Interfacing
    (D) Lining

12. What is the speed of double needle lock stitch machines?
    (A) 500 stitches per minute
    (B) 1000 stitches per minute
    (C) 2000 stitches per minute
    (D) 4000 stitches per minute

13. Which is used to give a raised and beautiful appearance to collar points in shirt packing?
    (A) Butterfly
    (B) Plastic clips
    (C) Pins
    (D) Collar band

14. What is odhni?
    (A) Pajama
    (B) Long skirt
    (C) Long shawl
    (D) Long kurta

15. Which cost that cannot be directly attributed on the work piece?
    (A) Depreciation
    (B) Overheads
    (C) Profit
    (D) Labour charges

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