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Garment Designing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. What is the difference between the actual body measurement and the garment measurement?
    (A) Ease
    (B) Fit
    (C) Fullness
    (D) Seam

2. What is darning?
    (A) Mending process
    (B) Cutting process
    (C) Unpicking
    (D) Restitching

3. What is godet?
    (A) Material given for flare
    (B) Material given as lining
    (C) Material at waist band
    (D) Material at inseam

4. Which machine is used to remove dust particles from garments?
    (A) Thread sucking machine
    (B) Bar tacking machine
    (C) Laundering
    (D) Drying machine

5. How many classifications are there for pressing?
    (A) 2
    (B) 3
    (C) 4
    (D) 5

6. Which fabrics are not flexible?
    (A) Thin and glossy
    (B) Smooth and soft
    (C) Thin and soft
    (D) Crisp and stiff

7. What type of pressing is performed on assembled garment?
    (A) Top pressing
    (B) Under pressing
    (C) Over pressing
    (D) Back pressing

8. What is the direction of warp yarn?
    (A) Parallel to selvedge
    (B) Vertical to selvedge
    (C) Crosswise to selvedge
    (D) Overlapping to selvedge

9. What is cost of production?
    (A) Overheads
    (B) Labour charges
    (C) Making charges
    (D) Material cost

10. What is used in stand up pack of shirts?
    (A) Collar band
    (B) Butterfly
    (C) Plastic clip
    (D) Back support board

11. What is tops?
    (A) Head gears
    (B) Lower body garments
    (C) Under garments
    (D) Upper body garments

12. Which is a midriff baring garment?
    (A) Salwar
    (B) Blouse
    (C) Kurta
    (D) Kameez

13. Which iron is used for industrial purpose?
    (A) Electric iron
    (B) Cast iron
    (C) Steam iron
    (D) Charcoal iron

14. What is the commercial term for the process washing and drying?
    (A) Laundry
    (B) Extraction
    (C) Packing
    (D) Pressing

15. What is used in hot air irons for pressing?
    (A) Vacuum
    (B) Hot air
    (C) Pressure
    (D) Moisture

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