Garment Part Construction or Finishing Textile Industry Questions - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Garment Part Construction or Finishing Textile Industry Questions - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Which is used to finish the raw edge fully turnout wrong side of the garments?
    (A) Piping
    (B) Banding
    (C) Facing
    (D) Binding

2. Which is the constructed of overlapping corners?
    (A) Pants
    (B) Shorts
    (C) Handkerchiefs
    (D) Salwar

3. Which material is used to construct pocket pouch?
    (A) Shell fabric
    (B) Non - woven fabric
    (C) Lining fabric
    (D) Mesh fabric

4. Which type of ship is used to bind the scoop neck?
    (A) Warp ship
    (B) Weft ship
    (C) Bias ship
    (D) Non - woven ship

5. Which neck shape with placket is suitable for men's kurta pajama?
    (A) Square
    (B) Round
    (C) V - Neck
    (D) Scoop neck

6. What is the angle from warp or weft is true bias?
    (A) 30°
    (B) 90°
    (C) 45°
    (D) 60°

7. How the men's shirt front placket is overlap?
    (A) Right over left
    (B) Left over right
    (C) Top over bottom
    (D) Bottom over top

8. Which wear has centre front placket lap right over left?
    (A) Men's wear
    (B) Women's wear
    (C) Children's wear
    (D) Unisex wear

9. Which method is folded inside the garment finishing of turned - up hem?
    (A) Fabric allowance
    (B) Stitch allowance
    (C) Ease allowance
    (D) Hem allowance

10. What is the purpose of tucks?
    (A) Shaping purpose
    (B) Decorative purpose
    (C) Fitting purpose
    (D) Finishing purpose

11. Which fabric is preferred for over lapping corners?
    (A) Heavy weight fabric
    (B) Medium weight fabric
    (C) Light weight fabric
    (D) Coarse fabric

12. How many types in basic hem?
    (A) One type
    (B) Two types
    (C) Three types
    (D) Type D

13. Which garment the slant pocket is used?
    (A) Trouser
    (B) Shirt
    (C) Vest coat
    (D) T - Shirt

14. How the piping is constructed?
    (A) Covering raw edge
    (B) In between two edge
    (C) Extending edge
    (D) Patching

15. How the facing material is finish?
    (A) Fold on right side
    (B) Fold on wrong side
    (C) Fold on front and back side
    (D) Fold on upward direction

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