Hand Tools and Timber - ITI Carpenter MCQ - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Hand Tools and Timber - ITI Carpenter MCQ - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which part of hammer is shaped to fit handle rigidly?
    (A) Handle
    (B) Pein
    (C) Cheek
    (D) Eye hole

2. What is the reason for the part of sap wood liable to be attacked by pests?
    (A) Sweet food storage
    (B) Softer of inner core
    (C) Smell of sap wood
    (D) Color of sap wood

3. Which tree has needle shaped leaves that grows in temperature regions and in high altitudes?
    (A) Soft wood
    (B) Hard wood
    (C) True wood
    (D) Duramen wood

4. Which timber is closely grained, hard and durable?
    (A) Kail
    (B) Chair
    (C) Teak
    (D) Deodar

5. Which type of PPE is required for protection of legs?
    (A) Slippers
    (B) Safety shoes
    (C) Canvas shoes
    (D) Sandal

6. How many inches make one feet in steel rule?
    (A) 10 inches
    (B) 12 inches
    (C) 14 inches
    (D) 16 inches

7. What is used for sawing across the grains of timber?
    (A) Rip saw
    (B) Tenon saw
    (C) Dovetail saw
    (D) Cross cut saw

8. What is the use of trying plane?
    (A) Planing grooves surface
    (B) Planing rebate surface
    (C) Planing rough gloving surface
    (D) Planing true and straight surface

9. What is the reason for leather washer provided in between the blade shoulder and handle of registered firmer chisel?
    (A) Shock developed
    (B) Shock absorber
    (C) Firm handle
    (D) Support to the chisel

10. Which is an element of housekeeping?
    (A) Improper store
    (B) Clean flooring
    (C) Improper maintenance
    (D) Dim lighting

11. Which tree has short trunk and large branches?
    (A) Teak
    (B) Babul
    (C) Bamboo
    (D) Shisham

12. Which part is fixed inside the ferrule in bench firmer chisel?
    (A) Tang
    (B) Neck
    (C) Shoulder
    (D) Blade

13. What is the benefit of breast drilling machine?
    (A) Deep holes
    (B) Very small diameter holes
    (C) Small diameter holes
    (D) Large diameter holes

14. What is the specialty of tack hammer?
    (A) More weight
    (B) Slight magnetic
    (C) More finishing
    (D) More use

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