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How to Construct Garment - Objective Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Which button hole is used in fitted garment?
    (A) Vertical
    (B) Horizontal
    (C) Diagonal
    (D) Shaped

2. How the sleeve length is measured in Indian?
    (A) Sleeve crown to underarm
    (B) Underarm to sleeve bottom
    (C) End of shoulder to sleeve bottom
    (D) Mid of armhole to bottom

3. Which operation is done first in kameez construction?
    (A) Shoulder joining
    (B) Neck finishing
    (C) Sleeve all aching
    (D) Slit stitching

4. Which is used to finish kameez neck?
    (A) Pleat
    (B) Facing
    (C) Gathering
    (D) Tuck

5. Which button hole is suitable for shank button?
    (A) Piped
    (B) Bound
    (C) Keyhole
    (D) Box

6. How the bottom of the churidar is appeared?
    (A) Broad
    (B) Narrow
    (C) Loose fitted
    (D) Tight fitted

7. What is lay?
    (A) Arrangement of components
    (B) Arrangement of pattern
    (C) Arrangement of fabric
    (D) Arrangement of sewing materials

8. Which garment construction bias is prepared?
    (A) Salwar
    (B) Kameez
    (C) Kurti
    (D) Churidar

9. Which type of garment is kameez?
    (A) Top
    (B) Bottom
    (C) Full
    (D) Night

10. How the master pattern of fitted kameez will be?
    (A) Including dart mark
    (B) Excluding dart mark
    (C) Including dart mark and allowance
    (D) Excluding dart mark and allowance

11. Which collar is suitable for back open garment?
    (A) Mandarin collar
    (B) Shawl collar
    (C) Sailor collar
    (D) Flat collar

12. Which is a fabric band at the bottom of the sleeve?
    (A) Cuff
    (B) Hem
    (C) Pleat
    (D) Placket

13. How the kimono sleeve is constructed?
    (A) Separate sleeve piece
    (B) Extension of body piece
    (C) Extension of shoulder piece
    (D) Extension of front piece

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