Hydraulics and Pneumatics MCQ Mock Test online Practice - ObjectiveBooks

Hydraulics and Pneumatics MCQ Mock Test online Practice

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which part in the internal gear pump act as seal?
    (A) Gears
    (B) Gasket
    (C) Sealing ring
    (D) Crescent-shaped spacer

2. Which device converts mechanical into pneumatic energy?
    (A) Actuator
    (B) Generator
    (C) Alternation
    (D) Compressor

3. Which type of clutch system used in the slave cylinder?
    (A) Vacuum clutch
    (B) Hydraulic clutch
    (C) Over running clutch
    (D) Electromagnetic clutch

4. What is the direction of rotation of driven gear meshing in the external driving gear?
    (A) Same direction
    (B) Inclined direction
    (C) Opposite direction
    (D) Perpendicular direction

5. Which device is used in hydraulic brake system?
    (A) Air tank
    (B) Master cylinder
    (C) Pressure gauge
    (D) Unloader cylinder

6. Which act as a seal in the external gear pump?
    (A) Housing
    (B) Drive gear
    (C) Driver gear
    (D) Gear meshing

7. What the function of brake valve in the pneumatic brake system?
    (A) Allow the air pressure to the system
    (B) Release the air to the atmosphere
    (C) Maintain air pressure in the tank
    (D) Allow air pressure to pressure gauge

8. Which device converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy?
    (A) Actuator
    (B) Regulator
    (C) Compressor
    (D) Control Valve

9. Which type of pump used in the hydraulic jack?
    (A) Gear pump
    (B) Plunger pump
    (C) Vane pump
    (D) Internal gear pump

10. Which is the power source of the pneumatic system?
    (A) Actuator
    (B) Control value
    (C) Air Compressor
    (D) Air Service unit

11. Which type of NDT method used ferrous particles is applied to the area between the poles?
    (A) Ultrasonic testing
    (B) Radiographic testing
    (C) Liquid penetrate testing
    (D) Electromagnetic yoke testing

12. Which law is applied in hydraulic brake system?
    (A) Boyle's law
    (B) Charles law
    (C) Pascal's law
    (D) Newton's law

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