Image Editing IT Questions Practice Test - COPA - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Image Editing IT Questions Practice Test - COPA - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What type of software program is power point?
    (A) Word Processor
    (B) Spread Sheet
    (C) Presentation Graphics
    (D) Database Management

2. Which menu is used to apply various effects to the text in a slide?
    (A) Animation
    (B) Design
    (C) Transitions
    (D) Slide show

3. Which template makes specify common design elements in all slides in the presentation?
    (A) Fax template
    (B) User template
    (C) Data template
    (D) Master template

4. Which function key is used to run a PowerPoint presentation?
    (A) F3
    (B) F5
    (C) F7
    (D) F9

5. Which option is used to insert the related hints of a slide?
    (A) Note Master
    (B) Presentation Master
    (C) Slide Master
    (D) Hints Master

6. Which one of the following is a effect option in PowerPoint presentation?
    (A) Diamond
    (B) Fade
    (C) Push
    (D) Reveal

7. Which item, contains text graphics, charts, sound, video, etc., in power point
    (A) Slides
    (B) Folder
    (C) Handouts
    (D) Desktop screen

8. Which menu is used to select a predefined chart style?
    (A) Animation
    (B) Design
    (C) Slide show
    (D) Transitions

9. Which holder holds text, title and picture in power point?
    (A) Content Holder
    (B) Image Holder
    (C) Place Holder
    (D) Slide Holder

10. Which contains miniature representation of slides?
    (A) Slides
    (B) Handout
    (C) Template
    (D) Slide master

11. Which shortcut key is used to create a new slide in power point?
    (A) Ctrl + C
    (B) Ctrl + N
    (C) Ctrl + M
    (D) Ctrl + S

12. Which combination of key is used to show the laser pointer during slide show?
    (A) Alt + left mouse button
    (B) Alt + right mouse button
    (C) Ctrl + left mouse button
    (D) Ctrl + right mouse button

13. Which shortcut key is used to invoke thesaurus dialog box in Power Point?
    (A) Shift + F7
    (B) Ctrl + F7
    (C) Alt + F7
    (D) Ctrl + Alt + F7

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