Industrial Machinist Safety Rules Objective Type Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Industrial Machinist Safety Rules Objective Type Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. In case of arc welding, one should protect his eyes by using
    (A) Dark glass screen
    (B) Sun goggles
    (C) Mask
    (D) Clear glass

2. What should never be placed on a burn?
    (A) Aloe
    (B) Water
    (C) Cocoa butter
    (D) Dry sterile dressing

3. What is the color code of bin for plastic waste?
    (A) Red
    (B) Blue
    (C) Green
    (D) Yellow

4. Which fire extinguishers are used for flammable liquid fires?
    (A) Halon extinguisher
    (B) Foam extinguisher
    (C) Water filled extinguisher (Gas cartridge type)
    (D) Water filled extinguisher (Stored pressure type)

5. What is the first aid for the third degree burns?
    (A) Apply cream
    (B) Bind bandage
    (C) Flush with cool water
    (D) Cover with a damp cloth

6. An accident is
    (A) Unplanned event
    (B) Non-controlled event
    (C) Undesirable event
    (D) All of the above

7. A hammer with loosely fitted handle will
    (A) Flay away and cause accident
    (B) Absorb shock
    (C) Have easy swing
    (D) Convey more leverage

8. Which comes under the machine safety?
    (A) Don't wear a ring, watch or chain
    (B) Don't walk under suspended load
    (C) Stop the machine before changing the speed
    (D) Don't try to stop a running machine in with hands

9. Which term indicates the neatness and cleanliness of workplace in 5s concept?
    (A) Set
    (B) Sort
    (C) Shine
    (D) Sustain

10. How to make use of metal chips?
    (A) Burning
    (B) Land fills
    (C) Recycling
    (D) Composting

11. Which one of the following is not the cost due to an accident?
    (A) Cost due to damage to machine, tools, material and property
    (B) Cost of lost time of the injured person
    (C) Cost of compensation and medical aid
    (D) Cost due to increase in production

12. An oily floor should be cleaned by
    (A) Cotton waste
    (B) Putting water
    (C) Putting saw dust or sand
    (D) Spraying carbon dioxide

13. What is the color code of bin for paper waste?
    (A) Red
    (B) Blue
    (C) Green
    (D) Yellow

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