Industrial Training on Garment Designing and Construction MCQ - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Industrial Training on Garment Designing and Construction MCQ - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Which cut starts from the centre of armhole and comes over the bust point to bottom?
    (A) Princess line
    (B) Godet
    (C) Yoke
    (D) Flare

2. What is the planning of man and machine?
    (A) Job co-ordination
    (B) Job finishing
    (C) Job organization
    (D) Job planning

3. Which skirt falls inward from hip level to hem line?
    (A) Circular skirt
    (B) Flared skirt
    (C) Pegged skirt
    (D) A - Line skirt

4. What is the use of seam ripper?
    (A) To remove the stitches
    (B) To stitch holes
    (C) Cutting thread
    (D) Stitching seam

5. What is the name of layer of fabric inserted between garment and lining?
    (A) Interlocking
    (B) Interlooping
    (C) Interfacing
    (D) Interlining

6. What is the machine used for fusing process?
    (A) Fusing machine
    (B) Pressing machine
    (C) Cutting machine
    (D) Sewing machine

7. Which one is a body garment?
    (A) Salwar
    (B) Kameez
    (C) Churidar
    (D) Ghagra

8. Who calculates the price of a work or piece?
    (A) Workshop supervisor
    (B) Manager
    (C) Quality controller
    (D) Industrial engineer

9. What is the purpose of repairing a garment?
    (A) To increase the life
    (B) To decrease life
    (C) To increase quality
    (D) To decrease quality

10. Which is an unstitched gents dress wrapped around the waist?
    (A) Pants
    (B) Trouser
    (C) Pajama
    (D) Dhoti

11. What is the use of trimmings?
    (A) Decorations for garments
    (B) Fullness for garments
    (C) Variations for garments
    (D) Cuttings for garments

12. What is the successful aspect of a garment?
    (A) Fit
    (B) Design
    (C) Style
    (D) Size

13. What is another term for production department?
    (A) Cutting department
    (B) Sewing department
    (C) Finishing department
    (D) Planning department

14. What is kameez?
    (A) A long tunic
    (B) A short skirt
    (C) A tight pajama
    (D) A long skirt

15. Which is an Indian traditional costume?
    (A) Shirt-skirt
    (B) Shirt-trousers
    (C) Gown
    (D) Saree-blouse

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