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Intersection of Solids Draughtsman Mechanical Questions Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. When a vertical cylinder is penetrated by a horizontal cylinder, the top view of the intersection is?
    (A) Elliptical curve
    (B) Circular curve
    (C) Closed loop
    (D) Straight line

2. When two cylinders of equal diameters envelop a sphere the curve of intersection is made up of?
    (A) Straight line
    (B) Parabola
    (C) Semi circle
    (D) Hyperbola

3. The line of intersection between cylinder and cone, unless they envelop a common sphere is made up of?
    (A) Circular arcs
    (B) Straight line
    (C) Curved line
    (D) Parabolic curve

4. The study of intersection of surfaces helps in?
    (A) Building work
    (B) Sheet metal work
    (C) Surveyor work
    (D) Architectural drawing

5. Name the curve of intersection of a vertical cone cut by an auxiliary vertical plane.
    (A) Straight line
    (B) Parabolic curve
    (C) Hyperbolic curve
    (D) Elliptical curve

6. When a cone is cut by a section plane parallel to the profile plane. Its true shape of section is seen is?
    (A) Top view
    (B) Front view
    (C) Auxiliary view
    (D) Side view

7. When two prisms are intersected at right angle, the intersection is made up of?
    (A) Elliptical curve
    (B) Straight line
    (C) Circular curve
    (D) Curved line

8. When a solid completely penetrate another solids there will be two lines of intersection. These lines are called as
    (A) Lines of interpenetration
    (B) Curves of inter penetration
    (C) Solid lines
    (D) Curved lines

9. The points at which the curve of intersection changes its nature are known as?
    (A) Crucial points
    (B) Arbitrary points
    (C) Point of intersection
    (D) Key points

10. When a cylinder penetrates into a vertical cone with their axes parallel to each other, the top view of the intersection is?
    (A) An ellipse
    (B) A parabola
    (C) A circle
    (D) A cycloid

11. A cylinder is placed on H.P. on its base and section plane is parallel to H.P., then the section of solid gives
    (A) Parabola
    (B) Circle
    (C) Rectangle
    (D) Ellipse

12. Which of the following is the purpose of using cutting (or) section plane line?
    (A) Interpenetration of object
    (B) Visualizing object
    (C) Direction of cutting objects
    (D) Invisible futures

13. When the plane cuts a cone at an angle to the axis of the cone, then section is formed
    (A) Hyperbola
    (B) Circle
    (C) Ellipse
    (D) Parabola

14. If a plane cuts a cone at an angle and it cuts all the generators, then the conic curve is called as
    (A) Circle
    (B) Ellipse
    (C) Parabola
    (D) Hyperbola

15. When the line of intersection formed by two solids is curve then the solids are?
    (A) Cone, cylinder
    (B) Cube, prism
    (C) Pyramid, cube
    (D) Pyramid, Cuboid

16. Two surface planes intersect in a ______ line?
    (A) Curved
    (B) Straight
    (C) Plane
    (D) Arc

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