ITI COPA MCQ on Using Accounting Software - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

ITI COPA MCQ on Using Accounting Software - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which document is issued by the receiver of cash to the giver of cash acknowledging the cash received voucher?
    (A) Ledgers
    (B) Journals
    (C) Receipts
    (D) Vouchers

2. Which is a statement of assets and liabilities?
    (A) Balance sheet
    (B) Journals
    (C) Ledgers
    (D) Trial balance

3. What is the shortcut key to export the report in ASCII, SDF, HTML or XML format?
    (A) Alt + C
    (B) Alt + D
    (C) Alt + E
    (D) Alt + X

4. What is the purpose of security feature in Tally?
    (A) Provides budget option
    (B) Provides option for data backup
    (C) Provides option to upload reports
    (D) Provides statement of accounts

5. Which function of key is used the list / select a company in Tally?
    (A) F1
    (B) F3
    (C) F5
    (D) F7

6. Which term is used for all the amounts payable by a business concern to outsiders?
    (A) Assets
    (B) Capitals
    (C) Debits
    (D) Liabilities

7. Which register is used to post the journal entries periodically?
    (A) Bill book
    (B) Cash book
    (C) Ledger
    (D) Trial balance

8. Which shortcut key is used to open debit Note Voucher?
    (A) Alt + F9
    (B) Alt + F10
    (C) Ctrl + F9
    (D) Ctrl + F10

9. Which ratio evaluates the availability of cash to pay debit?
    (A) Activity ratio
    (B) Debit ratio
    (C) Liquidity ratio
    (D) Market ratio

10. Which shortcut key is used to cancel a voucher in Day book / List of vouchers in Tally?
    (A) Alt + D
    (B) Alt + I
    (C) Alt + S
    (D) Alt + X

11. What is the purpose of financial management feature in Tally?
    (A) Importing and exporting data
    (B) For stock transfer
    (C) To get daily balances and Transaction value
    (D) To prepare purchase records

12. Which function key is used to record fund transfer between cash and bank account?
    (A) F4
    (B) F5
    (C) F6
    (D) F7

13. What is referred to as buying and selling of goods?
    (A) Normal account
    (B) Real account
    (C) Profit and loss account
    (D) Trading account

14. What is the purpose of Tally audit feature in Tally ERP 9?
    (A) Allows easy analysis of result / reports with graphical values
    (B) Allows statutory reporting for VAT, CST, TCS, TDS, FBT, GST
    (C) Allows splitting of company data into multiple companies
    (D) Verify, validate and accept accounting information

15. Which is a statement of all the ledger account balance prepared at the end of particular period to verify the accuracy of the entries?
    (A) Journals
    (B) Receipts
    (C) Trial Balance
    (D) Vouchers

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