ITI Machinist MCQ on Milling, Cutters, Gear and Cams - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

ITI Machinist MCQ on Milling, Cutters, Gear and Cams - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which element having a projecting part of the cam imparts a reciprocating motion to the follower?
    (A) Lead
    (B) Rise
    (C) Uniform rise
    (D) Lobe

2. Which follower produces considerable side thrust between the follower and the guide?
    (A) Flat faced follower
    (B) Mushroom follower
    (C) Knife edge follower
    (D) Roller follower

3. Calculate pitch diameter for milling a bevel gear if module =3 mm and no of teeth = 24.
    (A) 76.24
    (B) 3
    (C) 72
    (D) 3.75

4. What is the use of slab milling cutter?
    (A) To produce gear
    (B) To produce dovetail
    (C) To produce slot
    (D) To produce plain surface

5. What is the machine element with a surface or groove formed to produce a motion to another part follower?
    (A) Roller
    (B) Gear
    (C) Shaft
    (D) Cam

6. Calculate the lift of the plate cam that has a rise of 15 mm in 90 Degree rotation if the table lead screw has a pitch of 6 mm.
    (A) 3.75 mm
    (B) 0.266 mm
    (C) 60 mm
    (D) 0.0166 mm

7. How followers are classified in cam?
    (A) Shape
    (B) Size
    (C) Weight
    (D) Material

8. What is the formula to find total depth of bevel gear in module?
    (A) 1.25 m
    (B) 2.25 m
    (C) 2 m
    (D) 0.25 m

9. Which element of a cam is the distance one lobe will raise or lower the follower as the cam revolves?
    (A) Lobe
    (B) Lead
    (C) Rise
    (D) Uniform rise

10. Which curve line is generated by the progressive rotation of a point around a cylinder?
    (A) Spiral
    (B) Cycloidal
    (C) Helix
    (D) Involute

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