ITI Machinist MCQ on Part program execution on VMC - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

ITI Machinist MCQ on Part program execution on VMC - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which is pressed to stop temporarily during auto mode operation?
    (A) Cycle stop
    (B) Feed hold
    (C) Dry run
    (D) Machine lock

2. Which function is used to check the program without making any axis movement?
    (A) Dry run
    (B) Machine lock
    (C) Optional stop
    (D) Jog

3. What is ‘G03’ in part program?
    (A) Circular interpolation clockwise
    (B) Circular interpolation counter clock wise
    (C) Helical interpolation
    (D) Linear interpolation

4. Which is the offset from nose of the holder to overhanging length of cutter?
    (A) Work offset
    (B) Wear offset
    (C) Tool offset
    (D) Geometry offset

5. Which function is used for movement command in part program?
    (A) Preparatory function
    (B) Miscellaneous function
    (C) Speed function
    (D) Feed function

6. Which code is used for ‘Program end and reset’?
    (A) M06
    (B) M30
    (C) M10
    (D) M04

7. Which mode is to check the movement of tool without work piece?
    (A) Jog
    (B) Machine lock
    (C) Dry run
    (D) Auto mode

8. What is 'S' in CNC part program?
    (A) Feed
    (B) Sub program
    (C) Spindle speed
    (D) Depth of cut

9. What is pressed to remove the ‘word’ in program?
    (A) Delete
    (B) Insert
    (C) Reset
    (D) Offset

10. Which button is pressed to cancel an alarm in VMC?
    (A) Alter
    (B) Reset
    (C) Insert
    (D) Delete

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