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ITI Machinist VMC tooling system and Part programming MCQ

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. What is ‘R’ represents in G81 cycle?
    (A) Hole position X-axis
    (B) Hole position Y-axis
    (C) Position of reference level
    (D) Feed rate

2. What is 'G90' in VMC?
    (A) Incremental co-ordinate
    (B) Polar co-ordinate
    (C) Absolute co-ordinate
    (D) Cartesian co-ordinate

3. What is ‘G54’ in FANUC VMC?
    (A) Tool offset
    (B) Work co-ordinate system
    (C) Tool radius offset
    (D) Tool wear offset

4. What is smallest unit in program?
    (A) Word
    (B) Address
    (C) End of block
    (D) Character

5. Which code to call sub-program?
    (A) M98
    (B) M99
    (C) M06
    (D) M08

6. What is 'G40' in program?
    (A) Cutter radius compensation lift
    (B) Cutter compensation cancel
    (C) Cutter radius compensation right
    (D) Cutter offset outside complex

7. What is ‘Z’ value represents in G84 cycle?
    (A) Feed rate
    (B) Hole position
    (C) Reference plane
    (D) Depth

8. What do you check mainly in VMC before starting?
    (A) Work piece
    (B) Tool available
    (C) Proper voltage
    (D) Gauges

9. What is a ‘Block’ in a program?
    (A) Line
    (B) Word
    (C) Address
    (D) Character

10. What is canned cycle?
    (A) Lengthy program
    (B) Start program
    (C) Sub-program
    (D) Main program

11. How many axes are in basic VMC?
    (A) 100%
    (B) 200%
    (C) 300%
    (D) 400%

12. What is the use of 'G01' code?
    (A) Radius milling
    (B) Concave milling
    (C) Straight line milling
    (D) Index milling

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