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JavaScript and Creating Web Page Multiple Choice Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. What is the full form of TOC?
    (A) Text of content
    (B) Time of calculation
    (C) Table of content
    (D) Terminator of content

2. Which is used to access individual value in an array?
    (A) Content Number
    (B) Element Number
    (C) Table Number
    (D) Variable Number

3. Which is property returns the width of the visitor’s screen in pixels?
    (A) Width()
    (B) Screen width()
    (C) Screen.width()
    (D) Width.screen()

4. Which bracket is used to write object in JavaScript?
    (A) Curve bracket
    (B) Square bracket
    (C) Curly bracket
    (D) Corner bracket

5. Which function in JavaScript converts a number to a string?
    (A) Num()
    (B) Str()
    (C) String()
    (D) to string()

6. Which method is used to add new element to an array?
    (A) Join()
    (B) Push()
    (C) Pop()
    (D) Shift()

7. What is the output of the following JavaScript code?
     var name = “ Kanya Kumari” ;
     var x = name.substr(8,2);
    (A) um
    (B) ma
    (C) ar
    (D) Ku

8. Which statement is used create custom error in JavaScript?
    (A) Catch
    (B) Finally
    (C) Throw
    (D) Try

9. How many part are there in ‘For’ loop?
    (A) 2
    (B) 3
    (C) 4
    (D) 5

10. Which special variable holds more than one value at a time?
    (A) Array
    (B) Element
    (C) Function
    (D) Object

11. Which operator is used to check both value and type in JavaScript?
    (A) "#"
    (B) "="
    (C) "= ="
    (D) "= = ="

12. Which variable are deleted in JavaScript when the page is closed?
    (A) Function variable
    (B) Global variable
    (C) Local variable
    (D) Object variable

13. Which is window method is used to move the current window?
    (A) Move()
    (B) Move to()
    (C) Window move()
    (D) Window.move to()

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